20 Totally Awesome Things About France

Happy 2012 friends and readers.  Since we spent most of our holiday indulging in many of the things that make France so special (mainly food, drink, & more food) I thought it would be fun to start off the new year with a list of a few things I find totally awesome about France.

Please note:  of course there are many quirky & downright irksome things about la belle France (namely, anything having to do with the subjunctive tense), but I’ll save those for another, less-festive post.

Alors, here are 20 of my favorite things about my adopted home:

-Strangers who say « Bon appétit » as they pass your sidewalk table.

-Visiting Provençal villages in the springtime.

-Toddlers speaking French (TCFW, too cute for words).

Paris Christmas markets.

-The cheese aisle at the supermarket.

-The flower market at Vieux Nice.


Vineyards near Cassis, France.

-Do-It-Yourself wine touring.

-Passing pastry windows that look like works of art.

-Eating pastries that look like works of art.

-Regional food festivals.

-Social services.

-Traveling on the TGV (*first-class if possible).

-Cours Mirabeau at Aix-en-Provence.

-Sunny days in Paris.

-Calling your mother-in-law belle mere.

-Eating a big bowl of Soup au Pistou in the fall/winter.

-Drinking a big glass of rosé, port-side, in the summer.

-The Calanques at Cassis.

-Growing old gracefully.

-Caramel beurre salé anything.


There are loads of totally awesome things missing from this list – please feel free to add a few of your own & bonne année a tous!


14 thoughts on “20 Totally Awesome Things About France”

  1. Too true Jenny…how could we forget champagne, especially ’round this time of year 🙂 Hope your 2012 is off to a great start, bonne annèe!


  2. Tuula – You are so right about everything on this list! Each brought a smile to my face. With the exception of just a few, like the belle mere ;), I have my own great memories of almost all on your list, and they would be included on my list, too. This inspires me to start saying “bon appetit” as I pass by diners here in CA. Happy 2012 to you, too!


    1. Thanks Kathy, really happy you liked the list – I imagine we love many of the same things about France 🙂 And also because about half of the things have to do with food! So I too say “bon appetit” to you in 2012… can’t wait to read about all of your new food adventures. Bonne année!


  3. I agree! I agree! Toddlers speaking French are waaaaaay too cute!! Time to get my kids in French class!! (Next year, she’ll start her French Immersion Program with the Toronto District School Board. woo-hoo!


    1. So happy you agree Jen, thought maybe I was the only one, lol – those French kids are so cute, can’t get over it! How awesome that you’ve got a French immersion program… your daughter will be totally adorable speaking French, how fun!!


    1. Totally agree, those tins are too fun – I need to buy a few of those posters myself… so hard to choose though, I love them all! Many merci’s for your comment Corinne!


  4. Many thanks for your comment – glad to bring a bit of France to you in Australia 🙂 I can imagine that you miss it very much! But also sounds like you’re having a very fun life yourself, so much traveling is wonderful 🙂 Will be sure to have a look at your blog… & Salut from Provence!


    1. Ohh, those are all great additions…you’re right, looks like I missed a few…especially those 4 hour lunches, I think that one should go to the top of the list 🙂


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