The “Tivoli” of Provence, Beautiful Barjols

We set out early last Saturday for a beautiful village in the heart of Provence Verte (green Provence), Barjols.  Besides having a very well-organized tourist office, we were immediately taken with Barjols’ pretty squares and, the star attraction, its bubbling fountains.

There is a downloadable walking tour of the fountain route available on the Provence Verte website (in French) but you can also pick-up a guided-tour booklet in English at the tourist office.

Barjols is advertised as the “Tivoli” of Provence, which I find incredibly endearing given its about one fifth the size of the Tivoli fountains outside of Rome – but, in my opinion, no less beautiful.

Given we had fantastic weather on this day, we were quite content to do what we enjoy doing most in these small villages: strolling around.

barjols fountain
One of the 30 fountains in the village of Barjols.

After finishing the “fountain route” we stopped for a drink at Place Victor Hugo, directly in front of the (hand-carved) memorial fountain for fallen soldiers of WWI.   I was also quite taken with Le Sporting –not a bad place to spend a lazy weekend afternoon if you ask me.

le sporting
A lazy Saturday afternoon at Le Sporting.

Our final stop took us to a restaurant situated on the Place de la Marie – yet another gorgeous spot with an odd-looking creation appropriately dubbed, the mushroom fountain.  We proceeded to have lunch at Le Resto, a recommendation from the French guidebook Petit Fute. The owner took time-out to chat with us about our meal (we had a question about the spices in our fish “a la plancha“) and he also snuck-in a bit of local gossip. Turns out Brad & Angie’s (as I like to call them, seeing as we’re almost neighbors) “place” is just outside of Barjols.

village street
One of the many picturesque stops on the “fountain route”.

I’m not proud, but we did indeed do a “drive-by” of Chateau “Brangelina” –  if you can call peering past a guardhouse to a long, winding road…which disappeared behind a large mountain…a drive-by.  I won’t lie, we were both silly-excited anyway.

barjols flowers

Learn More About Barjols:

Barjols’ on the Map: Google maps

Provence Verte (English site for tourists):

Le Resto Restaurant:

Place de la Marie

83670 Barjols

Tel: 04 94 77 29 87


4 thoughts on “The “Tivoli” of Provence, Beautiful Barjols”

  1. Tuula,
    I love the picture of the mushroom fountain! I imagine it gets people in a relaxed “Alice in Wonderland” kind of mood! Looks like the perfect Saturday spent in Barjols!


    1. Thanks Ashley & so true about the fountain – found I got a bit lost in the moment too, does feel like a fairy-tale setting!


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