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The “Tivoli” of Provence, Beautiful Barjols

Barjols, deep in the heart of Provence Verte.

We set out early last Saturday for a beautiful village in the heart of Provence Verte (green Provence), Barjols.  Besides having a very well-organized tourist office, we were immediately taken with Barjols’ pretty squares and, the star attraction, its bubbling fountains.

There is a downloadable walking tour of the fountain route available on the Provence Verte website (in French) but you can also pick-up a guided-tour booklet in English at the tourist office.

Barjols is advertised as the “Tivoli” of Provence, which I find incredibly endearing given its about one fifth the size of the Tivoli fountains outside of Rome – but, in my opinion, no less beautiful.

Given we had fantastic weather on this day, we were quite content to do what we enjoy doing most in these small villages: strolling around.

One of the 30 fountains in the village of Barjols.

After finishing the “fountain route” we stopped for a drink at Place Victor Hugo, directly in front of the (hand-carved) memorial fountain for fallen soldiers of WWI.   I was also quite taken with Le Sporting –not a bad place to spend a lazy weekend afternoon if you ask me.

Lazy Saturday at Le Sporting

Our final stop took us to a restaurant situated on the Place de la Marie – yet another gorgeous spot with an odd-looking creation appropriately dubbed, the mushroom fountain.  We proceeded to have lunch at Le Resto, a recommendation from the French guidebook Petit Fute. The owner took time-out to chat with us about our meal (we had a question about the spices in our fish “a la plancha“) and he also snuck-in a bit of local gossip. Turns out Brad & Angie’s (as I like to call them, seeing as we’re almost neighbors) “place” is just outside of Barjols.

The aptly named "mushroom" fountain.

I’m not proud, but we did indeed do a “drive-by” of Chateau “Brangelina” –  if you can call peering past a guardhouse to a long, winding road…which disappeared behind a large mountain…a drive-by.  I won’t lie, we were both silly-excited anyway.

Learn More About Barjols:

Barjols’ on the Map: Google maps

Provence Verte (English site for tourists):

Le Resto Restaurant:

Place de la Marie

83670 Barjols

Tel: 04 94 77 29 87


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I’m a 40-ish American woman & I’ve been blogging about my travels around belle Provence since moving here in 2010. You can also find my travel writing in International Living magazine, Charming Small Hotels (France), & Living France magazine. Bienvenue!

4 comments on “The “Tivoli” of Provence, Beautiful Barjols

  1. Tuula,
    I love the picture of the mushroom fountain! I imagine it gets people in a relaxed “Alice in Wonderland” kind of mood! Looks like the perfect Saturday spent in Barjols!


    • Thanks Ashley & so true about the fountain – found I got a bit lost in the moment too, does feel like a fairy-tale setting!


  2. I LOVE your new site, Tuula!!! I’ve been checking for your return but somehow missed it! So glad you’re back. 🙂


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