Across the Café Table with the Travel Belles – My Favorite Souvenir

This post is my submission for the Travel Belles’ monthly “travel chat”, Across the Cafe Table. This month’s question for “the gals” was, What’s you favorite travel souvenir?  Luckily I already had an answer prepped & ready-to-go.  My favorite souvenir is a hand-painted bottle of Mirto liqueur I picked up in Sardinia last month during our honeymoon.

And well, since I threw the word “honeymoon” in there, you’ve probably already gleaned why this souvenir has become my favorite.  Of course there is the sentimental value, but I also was drawn to the colorful bottles because of their “local” quality and because they seemed to capture so much of the region: a bit wild, but undeniably beautiful.

Colorful bottles of mirto.

It’s likewise quite fitting because somehow our trips always seem to focus narrowly on one event: eating.  We hit our fair share of restaurants and I was equally caught-up snapping photos of big rounds of cheese at the supermarket or sausages hanging at the butchers.  And while I’d love to slip one of those big pecorino wheels in my suitcase, that’s probably not the most practical idea.

So the bottle of mirto sits perched in our kitchen, most likely never to be opened but a pretty reminder of our trip & of the delights of Sardinia.  Plus, we did manage to bring a big hunk of sausage back with us (vacuum-packing works wonders) – which, unfortunately, is long gone.