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What to see & do in… Cassis

 Port of Cassis Ahh, Cassis.  There are few places that we like visiting more than this picture-perfect village along the sea.  And not only will you find incredible views, but between the brilliant green of the surrounding vineyards, the deep blue of the mediterranean, and the towering beauty of Cassis’ sea cliffs, you’ll be smack-dab… Continue reading What to see & do in… Cassis

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4 Hours in Le Panier, Marseille

  A trip to Marseille is not without its complications. First, there’s the mish-mash of streets & buildings which make the term “urban-planning” seem somewhat ambitious. Then there’s the mix of North African, Italian, and French influences that can leave you wondering if you’re still in the same France of wine valleys and opulent châteauxs.… Continue reading 4 Hours in Le Panier, Marseille

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Market of the Month: Brignoles

Known as the capital of Provence Verte (Green Provence), the sizable town of Brignoles makes an excellent starting point for day trips around the interior of the Var region. We were lucky enough to stumble-upon Brignoles’ large (biggest I’ve experienced) Provençal market one sunny Saturday in July. And talk about a lively place.  If you don’t get drawn-in by the chatty salami-sellers, you… Continue reading Market of the Month: Brignoles

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The “Tivoli” of Provence, Beautiful Barjols

We set out early last Saturday for a beautiful village in the heart of Provence Verte (green Provence), Barjols.  Besides having a very well-organized tourist office, we were immediately taken with Barjols’ pretty squares and, the star attraction, its bubbling fountains. There is a downloadable walking tour of the fountain route available on the Provence… Continue reading The “Tivoli” of Provence, Beautiful Barjols