Gourmet lunch at L’Esperance… Food heaven in Bandol

Greetings dear readers and friends from a very chilly Provence. It’s been a while since the last blog post, and honestly, during the winter months, I'm a bit hard-pressed to know what to write about. Everything slows down here quite considerably… maybe it’s due to the weather, or maybe we’re all just spending too much… Continue reading Gourmet lunch at L’Esperance… Food heaven in Bandol

L’Ardoise Restaurant… Fresh & Gourmet Dining in Bandol

Finally the sun is out and we can really start taking advantage of spring. The signs have all been there… cafés putting out their “deck chairs” for local sun-worshippers, articles upon articles on how to choose the right blooms for your garden, and about a gazillon ads for patio furniture of all shapes & sizes.… Continue reading L’Ardoise Restaurant… Fresh & Gourmet Dining in Bandol

Market of the Month: Bandol

Bandol is one of those dreamy seaside towns that’s easy to fall in love with. Located in the Var department (83), the name Bandol is also associated with the wine region containing over 50 different domaines – many scattered on either side of autoroute 50 & climbing the sweeping hills surrounding the villages of Le… Continue reading Market of the Month: Bandol

An Excellent Restaurant in Bandol… L’Esperance

There's not much that can be said about this stellar restaurant that could be any better than what we overhead our fellow diners exclaiming on Saturday afternoon:  Qu'est-ce que c'est beau! (it's so pretty) Wouaou! (the French wow) & C'est trop bon! (it's so good). If you've ever eaten in France, you know those are… Continue reading An Excellent Restaurant in Bandol… L’Esperance

Bandol Wine-Tasting at Domaines Bunan

It's been a week of rain, rain, and more rain in the South of France.  While we usually manage to escape all sorts of weather calamities, this wave of storms is particularly strong - evacuations, floods, and a classification of alert "orange" for our department (the Var) and 10 others. So while we're huddled-up at… Continue reading Bandol Wine-Tasting at Domaines Bunan