Carpentras’ Strawberries & Tiramisu aux Fraises

If you glance at the kiosks around this time of year in France, you'll be hard-pressed to find a food magazine that isn't offering dessert recipes for "fruits rouge".  All berries are put on display this time of year, but only one plump beauty really holds center stage:  the strawberry. And really, not just any… Continue reading Carpentras’ Strawberries & Tiramisu aux Fraises

Market Cooking…Poivrons-Mozzarella au Basilic

It’s been said that one of the best things about living / visiting the South of France is the chance to experience the Provençal markets. Fresh, colorful, and always full of interesting locals, sometimes more colorful than the produce itself, markets serve as the heart / gathering point of many southern towns. Plus, they’re just… Continue reading Market Cooking…Poivrons-Mozzarella au Basilic

Winter Comforts… Les Soldes & Savory Clafoutis

Bonjour dear readers.  It’s chills-ville in the South of France, and I found myself chasing the winter blues away at les soldes (the sales!) for the better part of last week.  And well, let’s just say I’m a convert. Big time. Even though I had to brave a few well-placed elbow nudges and many more women who seemed… Continue reading Winter Comforts… Les Soldes & Savory Clafoutis