Solliès Fig Festival + Figues à la crème d’amande

Ahh figs... there are few festivals we enjoy as much as the annual fig fête at Solliès-Pont - a small village in the Var department, about 15 minutes from our home in Toulon. And if you can't tell from the photos, this festival is a food-lover's dream.  The streets are lined with gorgeous, plump figs in every… Continue reading Solliès Fig Festival + Figues à la crème d’amande

Market Cooking…Tomato & Onion Tart with Herbes de Provence

As we get further into the heart of a Provençal spring, the more vibrant the markets become and the more interesting the cooking opportunities. Apart from the seafood and fish merchants, the real draw of the season is the abundance of fresh vegetables - tomatoes, white, green & violet asparagus, and more varieties of artichokes than… Continue reading Market Cooking…Tomato & Onion Tart with Herbes de Provence

Winter Favorites…Provençal Daube + Parmesan Polenta

Well, we’ve officially settled into winter and are enjoying all the wonderful comfort foods that come with the season.  Think cheese, and lots of it.  Although not much happens in Provence during these few chilly months, we're making the most of our most trusted remedy to beat the winter blues... a well-stocked kitchen. Between the… Continue reading Winter Favorites…Provençal Daube + Parmesan Polenta

A Joyeux Noël to All + Nutella Buche Recipe

It will soon be three years that I have lived in France, and as the years pass I become more and more invested in learning as much as I can about French traditions...especially at this time of the year. I love seeing the different Christmas decorations, fairs & markets, and, most importantly, digging into the… Continue reading A Joyeux Noël to All + Nutella Buche Recipe

French Cooking for the Holidays…with the Bonne Femme Cookbook

  It is with great pleasure that I present a guest post from cookbook author and food writer Wini Moranville. After spending six weeks each summer in France for almost 20 years, Wini has decided to share 250 simple, French recipes that she has perfected over the years. In writing the Bonne Femme cookbook, her… Continue reading French Cooking for the Holidays…with the Bonne Femme Cookbook

French Kindness + Chocolate & Chestnut Cake

A few days ago was Thanksgiving, and as much as I love living in France, it’s difficult not being in the US during the holidays.  There’s a real longing to be where things feel familiar and to spend time with friends & family.  Every year I find myself “rediscovering” something that I love about American… Continue reading French Kindness + Chocolate & Chestnut Cake