Lavender Shopping in Le Castellet Village

Le Castellet is a medieval village perched high above autoroute A50, and about 45 minutes north of Aix-en-Provence.  We visit this beautiful town often, not only for it’s proximity to the vineyards of Bandol but also because it’s an undeniably “picture-perfect” Provençal village.

Many a Frenchman (& woman) rave about this enchanting spot, and this usually sleepy hill-town is packed during the summer months – French tourists, English expats, and even the odd Royal Caribbean cruise-group make the wobbly ascent up its narrow village roads.  We’ve witnessed a few of the tour-bus maneuvers…not for the faint of heart.

lavender soap

And one of the things that keeps the crowds coming back is the number of chic boutiques, art galleries, & Provençal shops that line its streets.

One of my favorite shops is Le Comptoir des Lavandes.  Although I’ll confess I’d love to blow a week’s salary on their purple-treasures, I can’t help but leave with at least a few soaps or a lavender sache.

lavender shopping

And have I mentioned yet that this place smells incredible? Talk about soothing.  The owner has also done a great job with the outside displays; creating quite the illusion of the lavender-filled Provence we all dream of… Well, at least me & the dozen or so tourists with our faces pressed to the windows.

I’ll be writing more about Le Castellet in future posts & also about one of its other not-so-hidden treasures:  a delicious crêperie taken straight off the shores of Brittany.  A très bientôt!

Le Comptoir des Lavandes
5 Rue de l’Eglise
83330 Le Castellet

18 responses to “Lavender Shopping in Le Castellet Village”

  1. I will have to add Le Castellet to my list of villages to visit on our fall visit to Sablet. I have not been to Bandol and I have wanted to go there to do some wine tasting and buying; so maybe we can combine the two into one visit.


    • Good idea Michel, the Bandol wine estates are simply gorgeous. You’ll have to visit Bunan and also Le Galantin – two of our favorites for Bandol. Thanks for your comment!


  2. Sadly (for me, but happily for my wallet) we don’t have a car yet so I’m travelling a little vicariously through you. I will add this to my places to visit. Like you, I am crazy about lavender!


    • Glad you’re getting a bit of “vicarious” traveling in Tanya – this is a really fun stop if you find yourself heading to Aix. And there are even a few more lavender shops in Le Castellet – not to mention the clothes boutiques!


  3. I just love these little villages you’ve been taking us to through your posts. Can’t wait to read more about Le Castellet. Also, I just noticed the long list of Provence festivals for September on your sidebar. Another great piece of information. I’ll be looking forward to the October list!


    • There are so many great villages that are a bit “off-the-beaten-track” here & a few that don’t even make it into the guidebooks. Part of what I love about this area – never know what little “gem” you might find. Looking forward to October as well, Kathy!


  4. Come back soon Kenya – we miss you & we still have so much of Provence to explore together. And of course another trip to Le Castellet is in order!


    • That’s funny Corinne, I brought my friend in Italy a lavender body wash and she kept it for a year – said it relaxed her so much she couldn’t bare to finish it. You’ll have to visit us here and come to this shop 🙂


  5. Thank you for this article! Very useful as always! I want to see the lavender fields in late June this summer. I am wondering if there is any of them closer to Marseilles than Aux-De-Provence is? Or something on the way from Avalon to Marseilles. I was looking more like a quick stop for pictures, but a nice lavender boutique wouldn’t hurt, right :)? Thanks again!

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