Going “Bio” (Organic) in Correns, France

It was a near perfect day as we pulled-up to the small village of Correns deep in the heart of Provence Verte (Green Provence) last Saturday.   We were, in fact, a few degrees away from “perfect” as by 11am temperatures had already reached 35° C on what was one of the hottest days of the year. Several “wilting” villagers were already finding their own heat-relief with a quick dip in the Argens river – plunging directly off the stone wall to the cool waters below.

argens river
Running through the heart of Provence Verte, the Argens river.

We chose instead to wander through the more than 110 vendors and find relief in the form of chestnut-flour crêpes washed down with samples of organic white, red, and rosé wine.  Exhibitors were also present from farther-afield regions like Haute-Savoie – from where we tasted an organic Comte cheese so tender we were both quite moved to tears. Even more so when we spied the pricetag:  €29/kilo.  Nutty, complex, delicious…yes. Cheap…not so much.

bio crepe stand
Organic all the way – Bio crêpe stand.

After a few more nibbles of cheese, a few handfuls of olives & several swipes at the tapenade table, it was on to bigger & better things: wine-tasting at Chateau des AnnibalsChateau Miraval, and Chateau Margui.

bio wine correns
Wines from Chateau Miraval.

Chateau des Annibals is located in Brignoles (about 20 minutes from Correns) and is noted for their exceptional Rosés. Chateau Miraval also produces excellent wines, and is noted for, well…being the estate of Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt.  Umm, a little difficult to compare the two, but I did find that a visit to the former is quite a lot more “doable” than the later.  Group visits are available to Chateau Miraval for a minimum of 12 people on request (the Jolie-Pitts not included).

chateau miraval

Our last tasting led us to Chateau Margui – about 10 minutes from Correns on an incredible estate which we visited after the festival thanks to a kind lady (pictured below) who organized an impromptu tour for us.  We chatted wine, local gossip, and just a word or two about her own celebrity sighting not too long ago.  No need to mention any names here (that’s so Fight Club meets Thelma & Louise) but we both giggled like schoolgirls for a good five minutes…& it had nothing to do with the wine.

wine tasting correns
Tasting an organic red from Chateau Margui.

Learn more about Correns & going organic in France:

Correns on Google maps.

Correns’ tourism site here.

Provence Verte tourism link.

Organic products & producers (in French) France BIO.

4 thoughts on “Going “Bio” (Organic) in Correns, France”

  1. We will have to make a pilgrimage to the first Bio village of France. Does this mean that everything grown in Correns, commercial and home grown, is grown organically?


  2. It seems so – not too sure about the “home grown” but the festival also included organic producers from the surrounding areas – including Brignoles & Sollies-Pont who brought wine & fig vendors respectively. They have a list of their organic producers on the village website: http://www.correns.fr/


  3. I nearly bursted out in laughter at the bio Comte moving you to tears… So well put. I’ve had food experiences that have made me want to cry.

    Essentially, you’re telling us that we need to go to Correns for a bio aperitif, non?

    Thanks for the website/link. We need to think more about what we put in our bodies, wine and cheese and tapenade included. Cheers!


    1. So true Tanya – I tell you those bio cheeses, tapenades, and even the slices of fig we snuck in tasted heavenly. Those folks are sure doing something right in Correns!

      Love to meet you there someday soon for an organic apero…sante!


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