Jane’s Belle Provence … {Guest Post}

Greetings dear readers and friends. We have a lovely guest post today from author Jane Dunning. Jane has written several guest posts for the blog and I welcome her insights and colorful stories about Provence. In addition, she’s written two books which are set in “our” beautiful south of France and which you can find… Continue reading Jane’s Belle Provence … {Guest Post}

Market Day in Saint Tropez

Greetings dear readers and friends. Well, it looks like we’re finally seeing some spring weather come our way… it’s been quite a long, wet winter here in Provence, but thankfully that’s what makes this place so green all year round. And for all of the complaining about the long winter months in the south, a… Continue reading Market Day in Saint Tropez

Guest Post… My First Holiday in Provence

I'm pleased to present a lovely guest post from Jane Dunning, author of 'Thirty-five minutes from St Tropez'. We first got to know Jane through her interview on the My Provence series where she shared some of her favorite places to visit in the south and also some helpful travel tips.  Today she shares with… Continue reading Guest Post… My First Holiday in Provence

What to see and do in… St. Tropez

On what was to be our fourth trip to the most famous of all Provençal villages, I was determined to get our weekend visit to St. Tropez “right”. Past trips had been memorable for all the wrong reasons... including one ill-timed winter outing where we were whipped-about by Mistral winds & doused by rain. A couple of… Continue reading What to see and do in… St. Tropez