For Love of the French Breakfast

Greetings dear readers and friends. I hope you’ve had a lovely week and have some nice, relaxing plans for the weekend. Today I’m sharing a bit on one of my favorite topics… French food.

I mean, what’s not to love? And it’s funny how ingrained some of the French food traditions are and how quickly we adapt to them when we visit or spend time in France. I remember, quite a few years ago, that I went to the doctor because I was feeling a bit tired (vitamin D folks!) and she said to me, “Well, you’re just going to have to cut back on the jam”.

Jam? Huh? I just nodded and said yes… which is how I solve a lot of situations that I don’t understand in France.

Later I went home and thought about it… breakfast, she was taking about breakfast! As funny as it might sound, some French folks eat buttered bread with jam (confiture) every day.  My in-laws, for example, that’s the only thing they eat, Monday-Sunday, 365 days a year… oui. They buy 3-4 baguettes at a time and stock them in their freezer so they always have bread on hand. Funny enough, they taste just fine. They’ve switched to a low-fattish, Omega 3 butter, but otherwise the tradition continues.

I make sure I have a tub of said butter and at least 3 different confitures each time they visit. And my belle-mere brings her own homemade jams with her. 🙂

So at first I was like… this breakfast thing is crazy. Who can eat the same thing, day in, day out? But then, the years crept by, and my rotation of madeleines, petit beurres, croissants, and the occasional toast with jam became my breakfast staple (and coffee of course, lots of coffee). So much so that on a recent trip to the US, all I did was dream about an oversized American breakfast with all the trimmings: pancakes, hash browns, sausage, scrambled eggs, etc etc… That was until I got there.

Then I got pretty hung-up on having the same breakfast I was used to in France. Let’s be honest, it was a little weird. Maybe more than a little… My husband and I spent those too weeks living off muffins & these delicious gluten-free donuts I found at Whole Foods. Not something I’m necessarily proud of, but I just couldn’t kick “the cakes”.

Yes, of course there are croissants here & there in the US but dang if they’re not expensive as heck…

And what’s even more amazing, is that the French stay so slim on these breakfast staples. Which brings me to another rule I try to live by in France… don’t ask too many questions & just enjoy it, c’est la vie.

Do you have a favorite French breakfast, one that you enjoy in France or have made a tradition back home?

Wishing you a very bon week-end from belle Provence!

6 thoughts on “For Love of the French Breakfast”

  1. Love it, don’t ask too many questions and just enjoy it! I couldn’t agree more. 😉 I’m not a huge fan of sweet breakfasts (aside from pancakes) but like you, my in-laws love the bread and jam. They, too, buy multiple baguettes and stock them in the freezer. 😉 I turned my husband on to avocado toast with an egg — surprising because he loves sweet breakfasts! Hope you’re well!


    1. Hi Diane, it was so nice to find your comment on the blog, thanks so much! I am totally doing the avocado toast with egg… got my mouth watering over here 🙂 such a good idea… and my husband is crazy for avocado. He fit right in in California, lol.. Hope this message finds you will and wishing you a very bonne journée from Provence 🙂 Tuula


  2. omg! I keep trying to find an equivalent breakfast here in Ann Arbor (which has lots of food choices) but like you say, it is darn expensive. I paid $3 for a beautiful croissant the other day. But it was delicious.
    Trader Joe has some good frozen croissants which you bake yourself. They are very good and not too expensive.
    And the coffee — well, I just have to wait until I go back to France this fall.

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    1. Thanks so much for the Trader Joe’s tip – I love that place! I think they have some crêpe pancake mix that my dad bought the other day… yum! Thank your for you kind comment and safe travels back to France 🙂 Tuula


  3. That was a fun article – love it – and I can’t believe, but I just read this after my “breakfast” – an English muffin with raspberry jam – I must be visualizing a return to Provence. Again, merci Tuula, for your wonderful blog.

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    1. Thanks so much Patrica, I’m so happy you liked the post! Wishing you a very bonne journée for a sunny Provence 🙂 All the best, Tuula


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