A “lavender-filled” Review & Giveaway from Clara en Provence


Greetings dear readers and friends! We have a fantastic “lavender-filled” giveaway today! I was delighted to be contacted by the folks at Clara en Provence to do a review of their products and offer a chance to to win a selection of Provence-themed goodies (difficult not to hold onto a few for myself!).

Clara en Provence is based in Aix-en-Provence and they offer a range of South-of-France inspired products, incorporating the spirit of Provence and centered around lavender in all its intoxicating forms. I received a box of product samples, and believe me, it was like Christmas in February when I started to unwrap the tiny packages. Inside was an impressive array of lavender sachets, soap dishes (tied neatly with a bar of savon de Marseille), individual lavender-scented soaps, rustic “stamped” sacks of herbes de Provence, and Provence-landscape tins.

Clara en Provence 1

The first thing I noticed about their products is that they put a lot of thought into bringing you “authentic Provence”. First, they have a range of sachets that are brightly colored, vibrant takes on traditional Provençal fabrics. Just what you think of when you imagine the traditional tablecloths and southern-inspired textiles you find in boutiques around the region.

Next there is a line I would describe as “farmhouse chic”. Sachets, in the shape of squares or a heart, wrapped in light grey fabric with delicate purple flowers and tied with a sheer ribbon. Exactly what I picture in the guest bedroom of my Provençal bastide – the one I dream of owning once I win the French lotto of course (fingers-crossed)!

Clara en Provence 3

And lastly, there is a range of products that is the “earthier” side of Provence. Dark green soap dishes and kitchen supplies that bring to mind olive trees and the sound of cicadas chirping in the summer. This is actually my favorite collection. I love the detail on the soap dishes, tied with a miniature cicada, and I can’t imagine you’d find that image anywhere else in the world.

Clara en Provence Collage

A final note about Clara en Provence’s products is that they are all made in France so you can be sure that, again, these little treasures are all “authentic”.

They sell directly to wholesalers, including a large range of boutiques and souvenir shops, but you can find their products online here and here  – as well as browse their catalogue on their website.

You can also follow them on Facebook and on their Pinterest page (link).


Clara en Provence Giveaway (a €45 value)

To enter to win a selection of Clara en Provence products (including several of the items pictured above) please do the following:

Visit the Clara en Provence Facebook page and like the page.  Then leave a comment on that same Facebook page, Clara en Provence, saying that you have liked their page for this giveaway. Please include Belle Provence Giveaway in your comment. (example: “Page liked for Belle Provence Giveaway”)


One winner will be chosen at random (using random.org) on Thursday, March 3rd, 2016.


A big “merci” to Clara en Provence and bonne chance (good luck)!

7 thoughts on “A “lavender-filled” Review & Giveaway from Clara en Provence”

  1. A very big Thank You to everyone who entered, this was one of my favorite giveaways yet! The giveaway winner is: Sharron Scales Walker – chosen by random from the Clara en Provence Facebook page via http://www.random.org. A big congrats to Sharron and looking forward to the next giveaway! Tuula


  2. Hi 🙂 I’m about to be in Provence about mid July, I would like to find the lavender fields and then make a blog post about it. Any advice for me? Thank you, nice Blog !


      1. For sure I will attend one, thank you very much. One last question, to arrive to Valensole is there any public transportation that can take me directly to it? Thank you very much. I have the best information from a truly expert! ❤


      2. Hello Ale, glad that was helpful! So sorry but I don’t know much about Valensole… I’m pretty sure you can take a bus there, but I would consult a guidebook before heading out. Also, there’s always a possiblity to hire a local guide… hope that helps!

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