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Pas Possible: Falling in and out of love with France – {review & ebook giveaway}

Hello dear readers from a still-sunny Provence. Fall is definitely here to stay, and I’ve whipped out my finest scarves to mark the occasion, but we’ve been enjoying the best weather for this time of year since I arrrived in France. Un régal….A real pleasure.

And today we have another “petit plaisir” as Jessica Pasa, author of the book Pas Possible: Falling in and out of Love with France, is giving away a free electronic copy of her book.

“Jessica Pasa grew up in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Northern California. She received her B.A. in French Literature from UC Irvine, her M.A. in French Studies from New York University, and her secondary teaching credential in French from San Jose State University. She has been published in the 2010 Travel Study Guide for France Today magazine and wrote a blog called Pasa’s Paris inspired by a year spent living in the City of Light. Her first book: Pas Possible: Falling in and out of Love with France was published in 2014. She currently lives in Campbell, California with her family where she teaches French.”

I had the pleasure of reading Pas Possible: Falling in and out of Love with France, and it’s a fun read. Jessica takes us along on her “French adventures”; from her first timid visits to the country – making a few of the faux pas we all experience when traveling abroad – to her deepening love-affair with the country and eventual long-term stay in la belle France.

From an early age, Jessica is intrigued by the French language, hearing her grandparents – both very well-traveled themselves – speak it around the dinner table. Between stories of living all over Europe, and being immersed in the language during her high school studies, Jessica takes her first trip to France – staying with a host family in Chantecoq.

Between French “discoveries” (who knew supermarkets could be so glorious?) and getting into some pretty serious shenanigans on trips to Fontainebleau and Paris with her host brother, Jessica begins to better understand the French culture and grows more enamored with the joie de vivre she experiences during her exchange program.

France Collage

And so it goes… France has captured Jessica’s heart and it’s impossible to stay away. During a college break she returns to Chantecoq and, thanks to a newfound French / American friend, she finds herself in the middle of seemingly never-ending birthday celebrations (these French know how to party) and also takes tours of Avignon, Gordes, Saint Rémy de Provence, and Senanque Abbey.

Well, not to give too much of the story away, these are just the beginning of Jessica’s adventures in la belle France. In the second half, she makes the grand leap across the pond to spend a year studying abroad in Toulouse. Between discovering the city, trying to make French friends, and navigating tricky cultural waters Jessica’s got her work cut out for her in her new life à la française.



If you’d like to enter to win a free ebook copy of Pas Possible: Falling in and out of Love with France, just leave a comment below and tell us where you’d love to live in France and why.

A winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday, November 5th, and Jessica will email you an access code to download your free eBook.

And if you don’t have an eBook reader, no worries, we’ll send you directions on how to download one for free.

Good luck chers amis!


And if you’re interested in purchasing Jessica’s book, please visit the Pas Possible: Falling in and out of Love with France Amazon page.

About Tuula

I’m a 40-ish American woman & I’ve been blogging about my travels around belle Provence since moving here in 2010. You can also find my travel writing in International Living magazine, Charming Small Hotels (France), & Living France magazine. Bienvenue!

44 comments on “Pas Possible: Falling in and out of love with France – {review & ebook giveaway}

  1. Donna Weathers

    i love France! My first trip to Europe was four days in Paris and three weeks in Nice. If I were to move to France, it would be in or around Nice. It was an absolutely magical time there! Please enter me in the drawing for the free ebook!


  2. Jane Dunning

    I think you’ve probably realised by now that Provence is the place for me! The scenery, the weather, lunches in the sunshine, the architecture, the Mediterranean, the umbrella pines, the plane and palm trees – I could go on …


  3. Lu Ann Kullman

    Fall greetings from TEXAS!! I have just recently found your site ~ and am loving it!!! I was in France earlier this month, visiting family I have living in the countryside valley of Normandy, near the lovely village of Vernon, on the Seine River. It is actually right across from Giverny, Monet’s Home place!! As always, it was wonderful spending a bit of time with family in their area of France. However, if I had to pick a village – and area if I were going to purchase a cottage or home, it would most likely be in LOURMARIN, in Provence!!!!! I travelled there twice in the past year and absolutely feel in Love with Provence, and Loumarin!! Oh la la, I am already wanting to return!!! What’s not to love?????
    I know I would indeed enjoy this cute book by Jessica Pasa ~~ only wish I could be there in person to pick it up!!!! Note: There is a possibility that several of us girls here in Texas might like to join up in a fun “Provence Girls Trip” in a “girls trip” to Provence if any of you ever put something like that together?! Experiencing Provence again, at it’s best, which I believe is just about anytime of year!!!! L O V E I T!! Thanks and Happy Holidays to all!!!


    • Greetings Lu Ann, sounds like you had a fab trip to France, lucky you! And Loumarin is definitely a great choice… so pretty 🙂

      Thanks for entering the contest and if you’d like, feel free to email me directly about tour ideas:

      bonne chance!


  4. I think for me it has to be in the south.. but I lean towards languedoc roussillon – still a little out of the way – maybe not so poplar as its well know neighbour – but with everything I could wish for. Colour , light. culture, history, language, cuisine and water… French dreaming x


    • Hi Caroline, the Languedoc is beautiful, good choice! Thanks for entering the contest – Tuula


  5. jill hardesty

    I would certainly want to live in Provence and the hill town of Bonnieux would be a perfect village for me. Have been there several times and love this area of the Luberon!! It is on my list of places to return to one of these days!!! Love the food, the weather, the hiking, the culture, etc!!!


    • Bonnieux is another lovely spot to live… ahh, so many pretty villages in Provence! Thanks for entering Jill, good luck!


  6. Would be a dream come true to actually live in France but I can also live with as many visits as possible. I think Paris would be interesting for a while but if purchasing a place, I prefer Savoie. In all honesty, I could live just about anywhere in France though because it gives me a much closer proximity to explore more of it.


  7. Daniel Sanabria-Morales

    I visited the Nord-Pas de Calais region twice: once in 2006 and the second time in 2007. I absolutely loved it! I loved that Old European feel of walking through the streets of Saint Omer and Lille, the amazing food, hearing people speak “chti”… I can’t wait to go back!


    • Sounds very fun Daniel – I’ve yet to get up that way and the only “chti” I hear for the moment is on TV 🙂 thanks for entering the contest – Tuula


  8. Corinne Bible

    I adore everything about Provence and so does my husband. We go as often as we can and are always sad to leave. Please enter me for the Provence e book giveaway – I would love to read it and mentally transport myself back there again as the gloomy winter descends!


  9. Anne Mellino

    J’adore Paris! Not very original, but true. I have travelled extensively through France, particularly the south-west, and I visited Lyon earlier this year – it’s had not to love it also.

    It is not so much a place as the feel – I feel at home anywhere in France (belying my Italian heritage!). Just a stroll down ‘une petite rue’, wandering past the boulangeries, fromageries, cafes and bistros, brings out my inner frenchness and brings a big smile to my face.


    • Ahhh, nice comment Anne, I can see you’ve lived a lot of “la belle vie” in France already 🙂 – great descriptions & Paris is very close to my heart as well! Thank you for your entry – Tuula


  10. Lindsay Todd (

    I’d love to live in the tiny village of Eze in Provence or the village of Meyruies in Langdoc-Rousillon where my family lived before immigrating to America. I love your blog!


    • Hi Lindsay, thank you for entering the contest… and you really can’t go wrong with Eze – another gorgeous Provençal village!


  11. James Truong

    The first time I visited Dunkirk, I wasn’t expecting much to be honest. My reason for going was to visit my girlfriend’s parents. My first time was a little over a weekend, and I’m very glad that I went. Dunkirk is a small town with quaint houses and friendly folks. The food there is delicious (they’re known for great beer and delicious fries), and there’s a calm beach within a few minutes drive. If you know someone, you already feel at home.

    Overall, it was very peaceful; I enjoyed very much, returning to visit them several more times before my departure back to the U.S.


    • Very nice story James – thank you for sharing & Dunkirk sounds quite nice. I didn’t expect much myself, but from your description it would definitely be a lovely place to visit. Thank you for your entry!


  12. I have never visited France, even though I have a great grandfather from France. It wasn’t until I began cooking (and reading Julie Child) that I began to have a niggling of love for France. I’m still intimidated to visit, though. Although I would be on the first flight if a cooking school was involved.


    • Hi Maggie, I hope you get to make it over to France one day… you’re guaranteed to love it 🙂 thank you for entering the contest!


  13. Debra Paper

    C’est Paris, bien sur! I know that I would love all areas of France if given the chance to explore them. I truly love Paris and surrounds, and can hardly wait to visit the south one day. When arriving home from France, it feels surreal, France feels like home, and I want to jump on the airplane and go back – my family holds me here!


    • Hope you get down to the south someday soon… but Paris is pretty amazing too 🙂 Thank you for entering Debra!


  14. Christioan Crevola

    I live in Australia. As far as one could be from la Belle Provence. My wife and I have been there twice already and love the place.
    I am a teacher of French as one could imagine, trying to pass on the idea of the place without actually taking my senior students there is almost impossible. Using this ebook might just be the ticket.


    • How fun to be a French teacher! And also to live in Australia I might add… maybe someday we can do an exchange 🙂 🙂 Thank you for your entry Christian!


  15. Oh so many choices: where to live in France? Hmmm. Well, of course, Provence is calling! But I also think the coast of Brittany would be lovely. This book sounds wonderful and a great addition to my ever expanding French library!


    • I know Provence is one of your favorites Libby, hope you’ll be back here soon 🙂 thank you for your entry!


  16. I would LOVE to return to the Pays Basque. I lived for about 9 months just outside of Biarritz as an English teaching assistant and it was amazing. The climate was so mild and the beaches weren’t crowded in the off season, which was nice. Eventually, I’d like to return in the summer and experience the Basque coast in all its glory.


    • Oh geez, that sounds like great fun… Another place I’ve yet to travel to in France but they always feature Biarritz as one of the top places to visit on the Atlantic coast – also the food must be amazing! Here’s to your return voyage… and thanks for entering Roxanna 🙂


  17. Eniko Galgoczi

    I have never been to France, but if I got to actually live there, I would like to live somewhere in the countryside, in a modest house, but with a great view, perhaps of a French château, like Montbrun. :o)

    I would love to read the book! Thanks!


    • Thanks for entering the contest Eniko and I can well-picture that house in the countryside 🙂 Tuula


  18. Deepali V Godbole

    I teach French in a school at Pune, Maharashtra State, India.
    I have never been to France as yet.

    The closest I have been to a French speaking city is Pondicherry.

    I would love to read the book, and the knowledge which I get will definitely enrich my teaching!

    Merci beaucoup!


    • Very nice to hear from you Deepali ! India does seem quite a long way from France… but when I picture you speaking French with your students it helps bridge the gap a bit… and brings a smile to my face 🙂

      Thank you for your entry in the contest,



  19. Paris! I fell in love with it when I visited. I love the art, architecture, history…it’s beautiful 🙂 Plus, it helps that I can visit Jim Morrison every once in a while


  20. The armchair traveler in me is intrigued. Sounds like a great read!!!


  21. Leslie Mastaw

    I live in California. I’ve read so many fictional books about characters living in France that I couldn’t begin to choose just one place. I’d have to see the whole country before deciding where to live!

    I am half blind, and will read and dream until I’m no longer able. Thank you for the opportunity to win! 🙂


  22. Great to meet another Californian Leslie, and a very, very inspiring story 🙂 thanks for entering!


  23. Many thanks to everyone who participated in the “Pas Possible: Falling in and out of Love with France” ebook giveaway …the lucky winner was Debra Paper (chosen randomly using random.org)

    Thank you again for all of your thoughtful comments, loved reading about your favorite places in France! – Tuula


  24. Anne Mellino

    Congratulations to Debra and a nice competition Tuula. Thank you!


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