My Provence: An Interview with Just Provence / Emotional Escapes

Bonjour from a chilly South of France, we’re holding on to the last rays of sunshine before what promises to be a very stormy weekend. All I can say is… it’s bakin’ time, preferably chocolate and preferably something that can keep me company on the canapé (sofa) these next two days.

And I’m very glad to present the next interview in the “My Provence” series from the fine folks at Just Provence. If you haven’t guessed from the lovely photos, Just Provence specializes in finding beautiful holiday homes in Provence.  Now I really think it’s time I cut back on my pain au chocolate purchase and saved up some euros. A big “merci” to Dylan & Tim, and I’ll let them tell you all about “their” Provence…

1. What is your connection to Provence, and how long have you been living in or traveling to the region?


Dylan: I am French and have grown up in Provence, my parents had a store in Vaison-la-Romaine for many years. I went to school in Carpentras and studied Law at Avignon University. So Provence, although not my birthplace, is very much home to me.

Tim: I have been visiting Provence since 1992 and living in Provence since 2000. I used to holiday in Aubagne before I fell in love with the North Vaucluse.

2. Where is your favorite place to visit? (a tough one!)

Dylan: Being passionate about military History I’d have to say Musée de l’Empéri in Salon-de-Provence. It takes two days to visit the whole museum if you really pay attention to all the displays. Salon, and the castle host to the museum, are also very interesting places to visit.

Tim: The Mont Ventoux, I very much enjoy outdoor activities and Mont Ventoux offers a vast array of sporting activities all year round.

3. Do you have a “best travel memory” for the region?


Dylan: I went on a Pilgrimage a few years ago in Saintes Maries de la Mer, Camargue. You can walk across the marshes following dust trails and see the wildlife. And when you finally get to the church in the town center you can climb atop its roof and see the whole region by the sea. It’s a great experience.

Tim: In 1992, first time I came down to Provence, I stayed in a campsite at Jemenos near Aubagne. To my great surprise the following morning I left the campsite to get a coffee and the Tour de France road by.

4. Can you think of one piece of advice or recommendation for travelers to Provence?

Dylan: Ask questions, enquire about local History and culture. The locals will appreciate you taking interest in a heritage they are very proud of.

Tim: Find out in advance market days in villages near where you are staying.

5. Finally, can you give us one sentence which you feel describes Provence?

Dylan: A region full of traditions and history that has inspired artists through the Ages.

Tim: Just Provence has a “poem” I made defining the experience:

“Azur skies, fragrant thyme, singing cicadas,
Discover the authentic flavors, sights
And sounds of Southern France.
With our carefully created portfolio,
Experiments of pure
Delight in this beautiful region.
Using our local knowledge & experience,
We’re here to satisfy your appetite
For an unforgettable, emotional escape.”

Thanks again to the Just Provence team, and if you’d like to keep up with their travels in Provence, you can follow them on Twitter at @JustProvence, or join their Facebook page.

**Update: Just Provence has changed to Emotional Escapes.

They also have a newletter with tidbits about travel around the South of France, you can sign-up here.

Bon weekend à tous! 

4 thoughts on “My Provence: An Interview with Just Provence / Emotional Escapes”

  1. I like the tip about finding out the market opening days. It’s not just tricky in the small villages. In Angers the market moves around each day to a new quartier and I’ve had a hell of time keeping track of where it is if I want to do some shopping.


  2. How wonderful! 🙂 I just started following them on Facebook and am so inspired by the beautiful places they track down. One day I WILL visit Provence. 🙂


  3. Thank you for introducing these guys to us, Tuula! 🙂 I cannot wait to return to France to do more exploring in this part of the country. 🙂


  4. Very cool! No convincing me that Provence is the place to visit in France. It is very true especially for American tourists, talk to the locals, let them help you discover their region. There is no better experience than when the locals are part of your journey.



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