Foto Friday… Charming Burgundy

This post should probably be titled, “Photo Album” Friday, but it was difficult to find just one or two images that captured what we experienced this summer in Burgundy.  By French standards, our trip “up north” was not a typical summer vacation (as more than few people were quite eager to point out…pfff), as the French traditionally head to the beach during the summer months.

As much as I love living in the South (a bit obvious, n’est-ce pas?), it’s downright crowded in the summer and some seaside towns see their population nearly double. This was the second time we decided to head north, and summer travel to other regions of France has its good & bad points.
One of the obvious benefits is the smaller number of tourists… shorter lines, more room to move about in those quaint villages, and it’s much easier to reserve at your desired French resto. On the other hand, fewer tourists means that a lot of French folks have decided to leave town as well (see: beach-bound) and you’ll find that some shops & restaurants are closed.

Nuits St George Collage

Before heading further north to spend some quality time with “the fam”, we visited Dijon, Beaune, and Nuits-Saint-Georges. It was a great trip to get an overview of Burgundy but an extended-stay, touring the villages by car, would be an ideal way to see the region.

A trip to Burgundy is assuredly very slow-paced: wine-tasting, eating, strolling/shopping, and eating some more. And please don’t skip the region for fear of breaking the bank… we stayed in a wallet-friendly hotel and then took a local shuttle through the Côte-d’Or villages for €1.50. Leaving many extra euros for the important stuff, like extra helpings of bouef bourgogne and those terribly wicked frites cooked in duck fat.  Budget-friendly, yes… waistline-friendly, non

bon weekend à tous !

The center of Dijon.
Burgundy Collage
Dijon & Beaune.


6 thoughts on “Foto Friday… Charming Burgundy”

  1. Votre blog est vraiment intéressant .Je survole les blog des expatrier Américains après etre revenue d,un séjour en Amérique .Mais comme je suis français donc profondément chauvin ,je dirais que la plus belle région en France c,est la Bretagne, pour cause je suis breton .Je plaisante toutes les régions sont belle en France .Je pense que les expatrier devrait parler un peu plus des régions que l,on appel les DOM-TOM j,ai résidé a la réunion ,Je pense que la France devrait s,inspirer de la tolérance qui existe dans ce département .La France est surprenante dans ces territoire d,outre mer je ne pourrais pas faire la liste exacte mais je vais essayer ( GUYANE .GUADELOUPE, MARTINIQUE , Réunion ,MAYOTTE .nouvelle Calédonie , Polynésie française )ce n,est pas la liste complète


    1. Bonjour Nicolas,Merci pour votre commentaire. La France est vraiment un pays incroyable et magnifique … Je souhaite vraiment que j’avais plus de temps pour voyager … mais on essaie de voir quelque chose de nouveau chaque année. Beaucoup de gens que je connais disent que la Bretagne est le plus beau, j’espère que je peux la visiter très bientôt! Tuula


  2. Loved reading this and seeing your images of “up north”. Oh yes indeed, there is so much to explore! I’m still in Paris, until Friday, and only sorry I won’t get down your way at all. Next year!


    1. Ohh, lucky you LIbby! Enjoy Paris and I love seeing your photos on your blog… hope the next time we can meet in Provence 🙂


  3. We really enjoyed our one trip to Burgundy. It was a quick weekend around Givry in the Cote de Beaune. It is a beautiful area and I really hope to go back soon.


    1. Yes, it really is a beautiful area and merits a longer trip… the next visit I’d love to stay for a few weeks, rent a car, and tour the villages. I’ve seen some recommended tours in guidebooks that take you through the vineyards all the way down to Lyon, that sounds like a great way to do it.. thanks for your comment Michel.


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