It’s Harvest Time in Provence

The wine harvest in Provence is in full-swing and this past weekend we were lucky enough to witness a ceremonial “first-press” in the village of Le Beausett.

The village’s annual  Fête de Terroir, which showcases local products from the region, took place on Sunday and included villagers in period costume, folk dancing, and samples of freshly-pressed grape juice.

Also featured were local wines, charcuterie (ham & salami), and regional desserts ranging from pâtes de fruits to calissons. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… these villagers really know how to party.

The grape harvest will continue through October with many opportunities to either take part in the process, or celebrate “the take”. For the time being, I think we’ll be doing more of the later, but if you’re in Provence, make sure to check out the website Routes des Vins de Provence (in French & English).

Thirty-three wine routes have been “mapped” to guide tourists through the vineyards of Provence. The routes include 350 wineries around the region and the site regularly advertises local festivals and tasting events.

Another great site which takes us to the “other side” of Provence (from where we live) is Vins des AOC Ventoux (in French & English), featuring Rhone Valley wines which are produced around Mount Ventoux.

Whether you’re enjoying Provençal wines in the region or simply at home… bonne dégustation!

7 responses to “It’s Harvest Time in Provence”

  1. Harvest time is always a great time to go visit the vineyards and wineries in Provence. So much going on. I assume most of it will be over by the time we get to Sablet on October 1. Oh well, we will have to enjoy the harvest going on in our area here in Northern California. They usually harvest the white grapes at night so its cooler and we could hear the tractors going all night in a nearby field.


    • I agree Michel, there are a lot of tasting events to take advantage of at this time of year. Now that we’ve been here a few years, I appreciate it more and have a better idea of where to look for such things! Perhaps you will still be able to catch a few events in October, either way, it’s a great season to be in Provence.


  2. Dear Tuula, you can also share with your friends this link
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