The Aix-en-Provence Flower Market

Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning in Aix, the Place de l’Hôtel de Ville is covered in a sea of roses, peonies, dahlias, and other floral delights. Besides being a great spot to grab your favorite bouquet, it also carries all the flowery goods necessary to outfit terraces and small gardens. And being that we visited Aix during the start of summer, we saw many locals doing just that… trotting away with budding bougainvillea, geraniums, and fresh herbs.

Spring Aix

Outside of the market in Nice, this is by far the prettiest, most colorful flower market we’ve visited in Provence and gives this already gorgeous town yet another grand attraction.

If you visit, as we did, on a Saturday, make sure not to miss the adjacent market on Place Richelme.


Place de l’Hôtel de Ville – Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday

Place des Prêcheurs – Monday, Wednesday, Friday, & Sunday


8:30am – 12pm

Special Interest:

Take a break from all the flora & fauna in any of the cafés that line the square… or indulge your sweet tooth at three gourmet chocolate & candy shops facing the fountain.

The clock tower & fountain (La Fontaine de l’Hôtel de Ville) provide some fantastic photo ops, and if you do visit on Saturday, you just might get to see a wedding procession entering the town hall. We’ve seen two so far and those French wedding dresses are not to be missed.

12 thoughts on “The Aix-en-Provence Flower Market”

  1. Oh my, those flowers are so beautiful! I needed to see this today. It uplifts my spirit. Thanks for sharing these beautiful divine nature with us. Hugs


    1. Thanks so much bella Kenya, those flowers are a great match for your personality… bright & full of life 🙂 Missing you dear friend… beijos 🙂


    1. Thanks Marianne and hope you had a great weekend… the Aix market gives us all a fantastic excuse to visit, hope your next trip to Provence is very soon!


  2. Lovely interview with Libby! and I agree, Tuula, the Nice market is the best, but Aix is next!! those peonies are stunning, I know you are having a glorious summer! enjoy!



    1. Thanks so much Kit and I appreciate your comment… and I couldn’t agree more, the Nice market is the best, would love to go more often if we lived closer! Although Aix is “pas mal” too 🙂 Hope you’re having a great summer and salut from Provence!


  3. I love wandering around Aix-en-Provence’s old town and finding a market of some type it seems every day of the week. The flower markets as you have shown are especially nice. Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend.


    1. I think we are of much the same mind for a lot of these spots in Provence, Michel… a day spent wandering the old town of Aix is a day very well-spent 🙂 Many thanks as always and hope your weekend was lovely.


    1. I always love your flower photos as well Krista… nothing like a few great shots to brighten the day 🙂 Hope you are doing well “down south” 🙂


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