Dog Trots Globe: To Paris and Provence (*book review & giveaway)

One of the coolest things about having a blog is getting to connect with people from all over the world. And we’re not talking just any old people here – the nice folks that stop by this space usually have one thing in common:  a love for all things fabulously French.  And boy is there a lot to love.

Chula Provence
It’s a dog’s life:


So I was very happy to connect with Sheron Long, a long time Francophile and author of the delightful travel book, Dog Trots Globe: To Paris & Provence.  Well, I guess we should set one thing straight from the get-go. Dog Trots Globe is really Chula’s story (Sheron’s super-cute Sheltie) of discovering first-hand (first-paw?) what the fuss is all about in this beautiful & complex country called France.

Chula market
Everyone knows the hottest spots in Provence… the markets!


And not only are we treated to a dog’s-eye view of life in the south of France & the wonders of Paris, the book itself is a real feast of photos & visual treats.  I mean who doesn’t love travel tales of alluring French bistros, sunny Provençal markets, and adorable Sheltie dogs sniffing about lavender fields?  Trés romantique indeed.

Simply gorgeous lavender.


Dog Trots Globe starts in Provence where, after a short jaunt across the Atlantic & a speedy ride on the TGV, Chula arrives at a 200-year-old house in lovely St. Remy de Provence.   Ripe with historical tales, a grand yard, and even a few silly cats that quickly make haste as the Sheltie settles in (French felines giving “proud” a whole new meaning) the house provides a great introduction to Provençal living. After getting used to the local sights & sounds, Chula takes to France with the gusto of a native.



From there on out, the reader is privy to the ins & outs of southern living – complete with market tours, fragrant stops at French boulangeries, introductions to local cheeses (this is where I got hooked for sure), & Chula even takes us sniffing through the lavender fields of Sault.

For dog lovers & for those who adore all that’s tasty & fabulous about France, Dog Trots Globe provides a delightful escape that’s sure to get you dreaming of your next trip across the pond. C’est une vie de chien indeed… it’s a dog’s life!

Hardcover, 160 pages, OIC Books, 2011

*print book, standard eBook, & enhanced eBook with audio and video embedded versions available.

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Photos courtesy of Sheron Long, all rights reserved.

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