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Visiting the Puyricard Chocolate Factory

It’s difficult to talk about chocolate in the South of France without mentioning Puyricard. We first became acquainted with this artisan chocolatier at the annual chocolate festival in the village of Belgentier. Soon after, with Christmas season in full swing, I tried to fight the crowds at our Puyricard boutique in the center of our… Continue reading Visiting the Puyricard Chocolate Factory

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Chocolate Festival at Belgentier

Well, there’s not too much to say about the incredible-ness that was Sunday’s chocolate festival.  I think the photos speak volumes… and calories. There were a few surprises from last year though. Namely, Champagne-tasting.  As if you needed another reason to make the trip? Then again, only to make sure we hadn’t “overlooked” anything, we… Continue reading Chocolate Festival at Belgentier