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Market of the Month: St. Remy de Provence (guest post)

 Beautiful olive stand in front of the Marie (town hall) Today we have a lovely guest post from Ashley at Curious Provence blog.  Ashley is a Canadian who found herself enchanted with France, and notably Provence, after spending time traveling elsewhere in Europe – particularly her time spent studying art in Florence, Italy.  In her… Continue reading Market of the Month: St. Remy de Provence (guest post)

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Foto Friday… Provençal olives

 Our favorite olive stand at the Toulon market. I never could have imagined being an “olive person” before I came to Provence. Olives were generally something you found, at best, in your martini glass, and, at worst, diced up & displayed artfully next to the shredded lettuce at make-you-own-taco Tuesday. Here in Provence, you can’t… Continue reading Foto Friday… Provençal olives