Foto Friday… Provençal olives

I never could have imagined being an "olive person" before I came to Provence. Olives were generally something you found, at best, in your martini glass, and, at worst, diced up & displayed artfully next to the shredded lettuce at make-you-own-taco Tuesday. Here in Provence, you can't pass a market without bumping into bowlfuls of… Continue reading Foto Friday… Provençal olives

Foto Friday… quiet mornings at the Port de Saint Louis

I'm sure I'm not the only one, but I always feel quite productive when the sun comes out and this morning was no exception. So I set off on my usual route past the small Port de Saint Louis in the neighborhood of Le Mourillon. I really enjoy this quaint port for several reasons -… Continue reading Foto Friday… quiet mornings at the Port de Saint Louis

Foto Friday… Beautiful Colors of Fall

Greetings dear readers from a decidedly chilly south of France.  Our days are a lot shorter, nights cooler, and with the coming of the holiday season, its hard not to notice that winter's just around the corner.   And since we don't have Thanksgiving to kick-off the holiday festivities, we've pushed straight ahead into the… Continue reading Foto Friday… Beautiful Colors of Fall

Foto Friday… Summer at the Sanary Market

There are many great things about summer in Provence, and surely one of the best has to be the markets. And a trip to the Sanary-sur-Mer market is an exciting event any time of the year, but especially during the months of June, July, and August. Granted, you might have to elbow your way past… Continue reading Foto Friday… Summer at the Sanary Market

Foto Friday… Christmas Scenes from Aix

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday preparations and we are certainly counting down the days to rejoin family and celebrate the best of the season– which thankfully involves a lot of fabulous cooking by my belle mère (mother-in-law). And let me tell you, these French mamans really go-to-town as far as the holiday eating is concerned.… Continue reading Foto Friday… Christmas Scenes from Aix