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Greetings dear readers and friends. I hope you’re all doing well, and it’s been great to get back to “the real world” (or at least the best we’re doing at the moment!). I really wanted to share with you this latest piece of good news for the Var département and region of Provence. It’s wonderful to see things getting back to semi-normal, and I know it’s been a hard-fought battle for everyone in the tourism industry. We can only go up from here, and I hope the success of the local cruise ports continues!


From the Var Provence Cruise Club (

The peaks in cruise traffic in Var Provence is usually in Spring (April-May-June) and Fall

Since the resuming of cruise activity in France from June 30th, there is
no exception to this rule. After the call of Mein Schiff 2 in La-Seyne-sur-Mer on September
16, last week has seen a significant number of calls on a daily basis in Var Provence’s
boutique ports: welcoming successively 5 cruise ships to our shores:

Monday September 20: Club Med 2 in Bandol
Tuesday September 21: SeaCloud II in Saint-Raphaël
Tuesday September 21: Club Med 2 in Saint-Tropez
Thursday September 23: Star Clippers in Bandol
Friday September 24: Star Clippers in Saint-Tropez

During these 5 days, local residents were able to admire and enjoy the choreography of a
myriad of luxury cruise ships announcing the premise of a return to normalcy in 2022.
Passengers truly enjoyed their visit, as on these calls they were allowed to stroll around
freely (in respect of the Covid protocol) and they benefited from a very warm welcome.

The Var Provence Cruise Club has set up a “Cruise Friendly” approach: a specific welcome
dedicated to cruise passengers on their arrival. A Cruise Friendly map is given to them by
hostesses, listing the stores, restaurants and leisure service providers in the city that have
agreed to respect the specific criteria of the charter. These businesses are all mobilized
and waiting for their visit, ready to give passengers a warm welcome, including special
discounts for any purchases.

This approach enhances the experience of cruise passengers
ashore, and is gaining growing interest internationally as new ports join the Cruise Friendly
network of hospitality destinations: Reunion and Martinique Islands, the ports of Sète
and Yokohama, and others to come.

Faced with this success, the Var Provence team is working on a new website: and a Cruise Friendly application that will allow
passengers to geolocate themselves easily during their visit and to discover the shopping
routes and tourist sites of cultural interest.

Var Provence expects 20 additional calls before the end of the cruise season at the end of
November for a total of 44 calls and 20,000 passengers in 2021.

With 186 calls and 200,000 passengers expected in 2022, which looks like a great year
ahead, the cruise activity in Var Provence should reach the same volumes as in 2019 and
return to its cruising rhythm!

2 thoughts on “Cruise ships return to Var Provence

  1. Patricia Hagan says:

    That is good news for local businesses. So happy things are returning to sorta normal.

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