Spring at the Sanary-sur-Mer Market (in photos)

Greetings dear readers and friends. Well, spring is here and it’s pretty amazing. The weather has been a bit up and down in temperature, and we got some much-needed rain this week, but otherwise it’s been nothing but sunny skies.

It’s so nice to see our garden start blooming. I even planted a few sunflowers (this being Provence and all…) and the first blossoms started forming on our apricot tree. Last year, our first year in the house, we were gifted with 100+ apricots that seemed to appear overnight. This year I hope to be a bit more prepared… ie. lots of folks will be receiving jars of a certain jam.

And at the Sanary-sur-Mer market, an eternal favorite all year long, the stalls and passages are full of activity and color. The first strawberries have arrived, the asparagus has been around for a few weeks now… and green beans and artichokes are everywhere. Time to get cooking those spring recipes that I’ve been holding on to… I’d especially like to try an asparagus salad with lardons and also grilled asparagus with garlic.

I hope you’ll enjoy these photos from the Sanary-sur-Mer market and wishing you all a very happy Spring from Belle Provence!

You can learn more about Sanary-sur-Mer on the Market of the Month post, What to See & Do in Sanary, and An Insider’s Guide to Sanary-sur-Mer.

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