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Sippin’ News… Drinking Bandol reds & whites at Domaine Le Galantin

Galantin 1

The party’s back on in the South…summer is in full-swing with packed beaches, evening apéros, and village festivals all around the region. I couldn’t be more thrilled. And right near the top of my growing summer to-do list is exploring more of the local wineries, and the good weather makes the wine-sipping all the more enjoyable.

Galantin 3

I’ve been raving about one in particular ever since we arrived, Le Galantin. Now Le Galantin might not be the biggest and grandest of the area (that distinction most likely belongs to Domaines Bunan, equally fabulous but in a more “estately” way) but this smallish producer has one big thing going for it: heart and soul.

We first visited Le Galantin for La Fête du Vin last spring (which saw wineries across France opening their doors for tasting and tours…fantastic) and the first thing that struck me was how welcomed we felt when we arrived. They were holding tastings outdoors that day, and we were first greeted by the owner’s wife and, after sampling their red, white, and rosé selections, were offered a tour by the wine-maker himself.

Galantin 2

Even though we tasted exceptional wines that afternoon, given the homely feeling of the place, I was certain that this was a “boutique” winery catering only to local clientèle. Well, as the these quality wines sell for about €17 near the top-end, with great-tasting rosés coming in at around €9, Le Galantin is not only popular in the region but also know internationally. They also export to the U.S., but count on tossing in a few extra dollars for those sweet bottles of wine!


More information about Le Galantin, have a peek at their website.

Domaine Le Galantin
F83330 Le Plan du Castellet
(6 km from Bandol)
PH: 00 33 494 98 75 94

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