Foto Friday… quiet mornings at the Port de Saint Louis

I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I always feel quite productive when the sun comes out and this morning was no exception.

So I set off on my usual route past the small Port de Saint Louis in the neighborhood of Le Mourillon. I really enjoy this quaint port for several reasons – first, it’s right on the edge of where we live and it’s a tried and true hang-out spot for our sea-worthy locals. There’s even a small area set aside for playing petanque, and the port turns into a festival area several times a year; certainly not to be missed is the annual seafood festival (where I tried my first ever moules-frites last year).

Port Saint Louis 1

I also really enjoy walking along the port because it’s a visual reminder of what, for many, living in the south of France is all about: being connected to the sea. I just got my feet wet (literally) this past fall by taking part in some of the water sports of the region, but there are many, many folks who not only play in the Mediterranean, but make their livelihood off its bounties.

Mitre Beach

Even though some of the boats in the Port de Saint Louis are on the smallish-side and won’t be hauling in more than a few buckets catch, it’s still possible to buy fresh fish from the fisherman during certain months in the fall – that is after someone’s hung the cardboard “buy fish here” sign around the gate pole and you’re prepared to pick-up your cod before 9am. Fresh, local, and très early…


Bon weekend à tous…from a wonderfully sunny Provence! 


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