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Greetings dear readers and amis from a sunny south of France. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this week, full of sunshine but without the hot, hot, hot temps that we’ll find in just a few short weeks. In short, simply parfait!


500 Bandol

So today I’d like to share some photos of one such perfect day (last Saturday to be exact) in Bandol. Now Bandol is really such a short drive from where we live but in many ways another world entirely. Coming from “working-class” Toulon (where we both indeed work, ironic right?), visiting Bandol is like escaping to a resort-town… sandy beaches, upscale boutiques (with high-end accommodation to match), a port full of larger-than-life yachts, and snazzy restaurants galore.

Market Bandol

Basically, it hit me last weekend, why aren’t we here all the time? It could have been all that glorious sunshine, or just getting my toes in that sparkling sand, but we had a really fabulous afternoon in Bandol.

Flowers Bandol

I hope you’ll enjoy these photos – particularly the ones of the market (although you’ll notice the prices match the “resort-style” atmosphere) which is in full spring “bloom”.

Bon week-end à toutes et à tous !


3 thoughts on “Foto Friday… Spring scenes in Bandol

  1. Michel says:

    Beautiful…makes the waiting till we are back in Sablet in two weeks almost unbearable. We plan to make some day trips down in your neck of the woods. Have a great Sunday and week.


  2. Krista says:

    Wonderful photos, Tuula! The asparagus is amazing!!! 🙂


  3. says:

    Love Bandol – one of our favorite getaways too – can;t wait to get back this year!


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