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With all the events of the past week in France, it’s hard to get back into the normal groove of life. I’m just comforted by all of the support witnessed during the nationwide gatherings to condemn the horrific acts of terrorism in Paris.

I’ve wanted to write more about our “hometown”, Toulon, for some time now as it’s literally become my home-away-from-home and a place I’ve become, unwittingly, quite attached to. I say unwittingly because, at first glance, Toulon is definitely not one of the top tourist destinations along the Côte d’Azur. And with globally-recognized favorites like Nice, St. Tropez, and Cannes, working-class Toulon finds it hard to compete for tourist attention.

And although I’ll admit that Toulon might not have been my first choice when I first arrived in France, I’ve grown to love this town and appreciate its many hidden treasures – which makes it a well-guarded secret for holiday-goers and residents alike. Well, it’s becoming a little less well-guarded as the port of Toulon has seen cruise ship traffic nearly double in the past 10 years and, like most of the Côte d’Azur, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a free patch of sand on the beaches of the Mourillon during the month of August.

So, if you plan to make Toulon one of your stops in the south of France, or you just happen to be a passenger on one of the many cruise ships anchoring for the day, here are a few things to see and do to make the most of your visit to our “hometown”.

-Take a spin on the Petit Train

The “Petit Train” is a feature of many French towns which gives visitors an overview of the city via a short, guided tour via train of course. You can board the train at the port and for €7 you choose a “city tour” or “naval tour”. The city tour will take you through the historic center and to the beaches and “forts” of the Mourillon. This is a great tour to learn more about Toulon in general, and particularly its role as on of France’s top military ports.

Find more information at Les Petits Trains de Toulon.

-Tour the bay of Toulon

All along the port you can find tour operators offering various excursions around the bay of Toulon. For military buffs, a tour will take you around the “largest military port in Europe” where you’ll see some of France’s military crafts, notably the aircraft carrier the Charles de Gaulle. If you’re more inclined to take in the region’s natural beauty, excursions are also offered to stunning Poquerolles island and the equally beautiful Calanques of Marseille.

Excursion dates and prices available at Les Bateliers de La Rade … or simply arrive at the port and choose your favorite tour.

Toulon Market Cour Lafayette Cours Lafayette Market, Toulon

 -Visit one of the best Provençal markets in the region on Cours Lafayette

When I heard the locals saying that Toulon had the best market in all of the Var, it seemed just another tall tale one might hear in the south… But after hearing it for about 5 years now, and from people who don’t live anywhere near Toulon, and who, I might add, are not even by the greatest fans of the city, I’ve come to believe it’s true. There are indeed several things to recommend it. First, it’s huge – taking up the whole of Cours Lafayette, from the port to the main thoroughfare of Blvd Strasbourg. Also, it’s fresh as can be with a large section of seasonal fruit & veg from around the region. Lastly, it’s “cheap as chips” as my British colleagues would say… when I’m stocking up on my summer cherries, tomatoes, and eggplant I’m quite astonished by the prices. Don’t expect those kind of deals in Nice or St. Tropez! It can be a little loud and chaotic… but that’s all part of the Toulonnais charm.

Please find times and days for the market on the Toulon market post.

-Take a historical tour organized by the tourist office

The tourist office organizes many tours and you can sign-up for a walking tour of the historical center at the tourist office on the port. Visit their offical tourist site for more information.

Port Saint Louis 1

 The Mourillon village

-Stroll, and shop, around the “village” inside the city – The Mourillon

This is one of our favorite spots in the city. Feel like visiting a charming Provençal village with its own daily market, quaint bakeries and cafés, and a cheese shop that will make your mouth water and your wallet feel quite a bit lighter?  Well look no further than the Mourillon “village”- a short bus ride from the port and chock-full of restaurants, wine bars, and speciality boutiques.  Take the #3 or #23 bus right across from the Cours Lafayette market.

Mourillon Beach Beaches of the Mourillon

-Hop on over to the Mourillon beaches for an afternoon along the Med

And while you’re enjoying “village life” in the Mourillon, it’s just a short walk to discover the Mourillon beaches. This is one of the main gathering spots for the city, with restaurants, bars, playgrounds for the kiddies, and of course sandy beaches that offer beautiful views of the Mediterranean.  These are “popular” beaches, meaning “of the people” in French, and you’re sure to find more locals than tourists here in the off season – which again I think is part of Toulon’s charm.  A €2 coffee or €3 beer will get you some of the same views you can experience at many hot spots along the Côte d’Azur… only for a third of the price!

-Hike along the “hidden beaches” of Cap Brun

Another big favorite of ours, and where I do many of my weekend walks, it along the trail that runs from the Mourillon beaches to Cap Brun.  As the Mourillon beaches are man made, the beaches of Cap Brun are all natural and really spectacular (I’ll just let the photos do the talking!) and a great spot to stop for a secluded picnic – even at the start of spring we’re often the only ones on the beach in the morning or early afternoon.  Just follow the signs from the Mourillon beaches to the trailhead.

Beaches of Cap Brun Hiking along the beaches of Cap Brun

-Participate in a local festival

It surely doesn’t have to be in Toulon, but it you haven’t added “visit a local festival” to your Provence plans, be sure to do it! Festivals run all year and are particulary popular in the summer.  We tend to prefer the food-themed events, but there are arts and music festivals all tastes as well.

Two of my favorite sites to discover local festivals, in Toulon and the rest of the Var, are Visit Var and Provence Verte.

-Have a leisurely lunch, or dinner, along the port

It’s no surprise that in the south people are big fans of the pleasure of far niente, or the “do nothing” philosophy… and sometimes that’s just the kind of vacation you need. A big, long (& very fresh I might add!) lunch along the port washed down with a cool glass of Rosé might be just what le docteur ordered.

Lunch on the Port Blackened salmon, tomate à la provençale, & ratatouille at La Tulipe Noire


I hope this post has you just a bit curious about our little city by the sea.  If you have any questions about visiting our small gem along the Mediterranean, please let me know and bonne journée one and all!

10 thoughts on “What to See and Do in… Toulon

  1. Jane Dunning says:

    Hi Tuula

    Lovely article. I have only ever driven through Toulon but next time I will stop and have a look around! I particularly like the sound of the Mourillon village …

    Yes, it’s a difficult time for France but I was glad to see so many people at the march yesterday. I hope that one day we’ll all experience peace again, whichever country we live in.

    Very best wishes



    1. Tuula says:

      Thank you for your kind comment Jane, hope to see you one day in Toulon!


  2. Libby says:

    Thank you, Tuula, for the wonderful tour. No, I’ve never been to Toulon but yes, would love to visit. I think to be near the sea, all the time, would be so wonderful. And of course, any place at all in the South of France looks just dreamy to me right now; it’s damp, rainy, and very dreary here in North Carolina!
    I’m really enjoying all your posts and your guest interviews: look forward to many more. Thank you!


    1. Tuula says:

      Hi Libby, we’d love to see you in Toulon… just a short drive next time you’re in Aix! And thank you for your very nice comment, I really appreciate the feedback and keeps me motivated to continue writing… merci!


  3. hi Tuula amazing review thank you so much.we(family of 10) will be half a day in Toulon while our cruise.will you be there in june 2016?


    1. tuularampont says:

      Hello Nagiz,
      Thanks for your kind comment. Yes, I am here (in Toulon) in June… do you mean this June or in 2017? Happy travels! Tuula


  4. Karen says:

    Will be arriving in Toulon on Monday on Freedom of the Seas. So looking forward to trying some of these recommendations!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tuula says:

      Hi Karen, that’s great! It’s been warmer here these past few days so hope the nice weather lasts until Monday. Have a great trip & hope these tips are helpful for your day in Toulon, bon voyage! Tuula


  5. Bonjour Tuula, How extraordinary to find your blog. When I was 13 and 14, back in the fifties, our family lived outside of Toulon on Rue de Ste Marguerite (La Terre Promise) At that time there were only small, modest villas here and the road went up to Fort Ste. Marguerite that sat on the top of La Falaise. We (and our neighborns) had private access to the rocky shore and sandy cove down a long staircase under pine trees. I hear that the beach is closed now due to instability of the cliff. ? We went to a French country school in Cap Brun and has the happiest time living there. I cried when we had to leave to go back to California. I want to bring my husband to see this fantastic place, which is the dreamscape of my dreams. And we are not city people, as we live on a farm in the California foothills. Do you have suggestions for us, for a place to stay? We may come next summer. Nice to meet you. We are young and healthy 70 year olds. Blessings, Nancy and Paul Clemens

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tuula says:

      Hello Nancy & Paul, great to meet you too! Wow, that is really an amazing story! We lived in Cap Brun, so it makes it all the more interesting, it’s a beautiful area of town and know currently as the “best” place to live in Toulon. And I might even know the school you went to – it’s a pretty old building but still exists. Toulon has changed a lot since I moved to the area, can only image how different it was back then, wow. Well, for places to stay, it’s all pretty developed know, you’d really have to go to a nearby village to get a country feel… but a place I really enjoy in the Best Western La Corniche, not too far from Cap Brun & across from the Mourillon beaches. I used to take the bus #6 “Terre Promise” home from work, what a small world! Would love to meet you if you visit 😊. All the best, Tuula ps. Toulon is more charming than ever!


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