Foto Friday… Beautiful Colors of Fall

Greetings dear readers from a decidedly chilly south of France.  Our days are a lot shorter, nights cooler, and with the coming of the holiday season, its hard not to notice that winter’s just around the corner.


And since we don’t have Thanksgiving to kick-off the holiday festivities, we’ve pushed straight ahead into the Christmas season… lights are up around town, the downtown Christmas market is set to open next week (complete with “snow”-covered trees lining the square), and the shops are all decked-out with as much holiday deco as you’d ever want.

Fall Collage

But who are we kidding, I love it all… it really is the most glorious time of the year.

And although I’ll be lugging my holiday garland out of storage this weekend, I still wanted celebrate what’s left of the fall season by sharing a few photos of the beautiful color-changes taking place in Provence.

Fall Chestnuts

I hope you enjoy this edition of Friday photos, and wishing everyone a very bon weekend and very enjoyable start to the holiday season.

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