Foto Friday… Summer at the Sanary Market

There are many great things about summer in Provence, and surely one of the best has to be the markets. And a trip to the Sanary-sur-Mer market is an exciting event any time of the year, but especially during the months of June, July, and August.

Granted, you might have to elbow your way past a few crowds, but I think it’s well-worth the effort. There’s a certain “vibe” to the summer markets that perhaps comes from the fact that everyone is just so dang happy to be there.

The sun is shining, the local growers are singing the praises of just how sweet their melons and berries are, and you might even catch a jazz musician who’s just shown up for the morning. There are huge vats of paëlla and ratatouille to pack up and take home, not to mention the fresh calamari cooking on the “plancha”.

Sanary Collage

 Foodstuffs galore:  garlic, zucchini blossoms, cheese, and grilled calamari.

The Sanary market is pretty fabulous on Saturday, but the real time to visit is Wednesday – when it swells to about four times its regular size. It’s also a great day for bargains… I’ve picked up a few lovely French scarves for €4 each and also two nice tablecloths for €8 each – the later featuring bright, Provençal colors that make a nice backdrop for our summer “apéro hours”.

Market Sanary


Hope you enjoy these “snaps” of the market and you can find more info about visiting Sanary in these past posts:

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bon weekend!


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