Spring scenes at the Aix-en-Provence Market

We’ve been lucky enough to spend the last few Saturday mornings in Aix-en-Provence and I think there are few places as lovely as a Provençal market to witness the beauty of spring in the south.

All around the market, the stands were a-buzz with chatter of what looked good (frankly, all the stands are gorgeous) and what new “products” had made their first seasonal appearance.

Green & violet asparagus had made their spring debut many weeks ago, but we were surprised to discover the first “barquettes” (trays) of strawberries on display.

Aix market

Of course summer is also a pretty spectacular time of year at the markets, but there’s really something about spring here that captures the imagination.

Having grown up in southern California, one of the special things for me is that this is one of the first times I’ve experienced real seasons.

Aix market

And although Provençal falls & winters are decidedly mild compared to other parts of the country,  that doesn’t mean that locals are any less thrilled to throw off their overcoats and scarves.

As with the colors that explode around every corner of the market, spring in Provence is a real time of renewal & rebirth.

Aix market

And what trip to Aix on a Saturday morning is complete without a trip to the flower market.

I usually settle for a simple bouquet that I can easily slide into my “tote”, but this weekend I wanted to grab a little bit of everything we saw – peonies, lilacs, and bushes of rosemary (just perfect for my would-be herb garden).

Aix flower market

No matter if you’re a casual observer, or a serious foodie, a visit to any of the markets in Aix surely won’t leave you feeling indifferent to the wonders of the spring season.

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