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Postcards from a South-of-France Summer…

Bandol beach

First, I would like to say a big merci to everyone who entered the Walker’s Provence contest.  Our winner (comment #6 chosen by random.org) was Evelyn and it sounds like she’ll put those walks to good use! I really enjoyed reading everyone’s favorite places to cruise around and thanks for all of your “walking” inspiration.

I’m sharing today a few “postcards” from around the South this time of year.  So far we’re having a very lazy summer, this past week being the start of my official vacation time. And although we’ll be heading north for a bit, I really thought to myself, what’s wrong with staying right where we are this year?

I mean, I like getting dolled-up in my summer finest and rolling my carry-on to all points exotic as much as the next gal, and even though it’s a bit frowned upon to not “get away” during your vacances, I don’t really see what the big fuss is about.  “I only truly feel on vacation if I leave the country” said one well-meaning French friend the other day… managing to hold her champagne glass & extend one perfectly-manicured pinky in the air all at the same time…. (ok, I made that last part up, but you get the picture).

Honestly I feel perfectly content to stay home and take advantage of all the things that we’re too busy to do normally… long lunches during the middle of the week, market days, and of course, the beach, the beach, the crystal-clear-blue-and-aquamarine-glorious beach.




Sanary Market Collage

  Castellet Studio

 Port of Toulon Collage1


3 thoughts on “Postcards from a South-of-France Summer…

  1. Wonderful pictures!
    For me there is nothing better than a summer spent in Provence!
    Bon weekend, Monika from “Country Living in the City”


  2. Hi Tuula, thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos! Makes me even more excited to be heading to Provence in a couple of weeks..youpi! Love the petunia ‘trees’ , just had to share you on face book today . Bon weekend 🙂


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