Market Cooking… Dark Cherry & Brie Clafoutis

It’s finally happened. After months of very un-south-of-Francelike weather, we’re at the start of a very hot summer.

And you’ll find no complaints here. After hearing more than my fair share of weathergrumblings from French colleagues and family (what, the French complain?), it’s nice to see those scowls replaced by big smiles … and complete wardrobe overhauls. Lots of bikinis making their way onto the streets, in just that perfect summer-casual thingy that the French do so well.

But this post is more about the glorious changes that are taking place at the Provençal markets. Spring and summer are by far my favorite times of year for cooking.  And with so many good & simple dishes to make, it’s hard not to be motivated to use the best products of the season.

Cherry Collage

So, after a trip to the Sanary-sur-Mer market with foodie-extraordinaire Kathy Ayer, we decided to try a few new cherry recipes. For mine, I picked a (French) oldie-but-a-goodie, a cherry clafoutis. The recipe (from a French food magazine) called for sheep cheese from the Basque region, which sounds absolutely yummy, but somewhere between the market and the cheese counter, I opted to go with Brie cheese.

We found the “marriage” quite good between sweet and savory and Kathy had the best comment post clafoutis-tasting……“It needs more cheese”. A concept applicable in most situations you might find youself in in France…and music to my ears…

To see Kathy’s delicious cake, and oh-so-tempting cherry photos, visit her post at:

Market Cooking: Flourless Chocolate and Cherry Cake

I know what I’ll be making this weekend!


Cherry clafoutis

Clafoutis aux cerises noires et formage de brie


2 cups dark cherries

Butter for the tart molds

1 cup corn flour or regular flour (use corn flour for gluten-free)

1 wedge Brie cheese

4 eggs

¾ cup sugar

½ cup milk

½ cup creme


Cut the brie cheese in strips (taking off the rind) and place the strips in six, buttered tart molds. Each mold should hold approximately four strips.  Rinse, de-stem, and pit the cherries.  Place them on top of the cheese in the molds.

In a large bowl, mix the sugar, eggs, and flour together with a whisk.  Incorporate the milk and the cream.  Pour the mixture over the cherries in the tart molds.  Let the molds rest for one hour.

Heat the oven to 350 F and bake for 40 minutes.  Serve warm or cold.

recipe credit:

Welcome to la belle Provence. I’m a 40-ish American woman & I’ve been blogging about the South of France since moving here in 2010. I live outside of a Provençal village in the Var region with my husband and daughter. I'm a big fan of cooking, French food, and all things rosé. Bienvenue!

11 thoughts on “Market Cooking… Dark Cherry & Brie Clafoutis

  1. Tuula – It’s always so much fun cooking with you guys! And, your clafoutis was supper yummy. More cheese is never a bad thing, but you know I mainly said it needed more cheese to give the “clafoutis purist” with us a bit of a bad time. 😉


    1. Ha ha Kathy, we do have at least one clafoutis “purist” in this household… I’ll try to win him over next time 🙂 I loved loved loved your cherry cake post… can’t wait to make it myself !


  2. Interesting with the cheese……but how much sugar? Sounds very quick and easy. Aren’t you lovin the weather right now!


    1. Ohhh, you are so right Mary James, I knew I forgot something ! The sugar is 3/4 cup… and yes, this weather is fabulous, love this time of year!


  3. The Clafoutis aux cerises noires et formage de brie looks delicious. I assume the eggs are beaten and added in with the cream and milk. I will definitely try this. Tuula, about what dimensions are those individual tart pans?


    1. Thanks Michel! And yes… the eggs should be added in with the cream and milk. The individual tart pans are more like “tartelette” pans, quite small, about 20cm (2.5 inches) across. Love to hear how it turns out!


  4. Maybe one day, I’ll meet you on Sanary’s market 🙂
    Thank you for showing our country with your american eyes !


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