Snapshots of Spring in Provence

It was just this past weekend that we spent a grey and stormy evening in Marseille, wondering what had become of our promised spring sunshine.

As people quite accustomed to their fair share of soleil, friends and neighbors have become rather grumbly (see: très French) over the past few months as France has seen a especially long, and particularly cold, winter.

Soaking up the spring sunshine in Toulon.

Thankfully, the first signs of spring are finally arriving, with a real buzz of activity taking place all around town this week. The markets feel alive…  fruit, flower, and produce vendors are call out jubilantly to passersby about the arrival of seasonal products, while shoppers get ready to start their spring cooking projects (some gorgeous violet artichokes have caught my eye).

Now is also the time when the squares and promenades start to fill with mid-day diners. Spring and summer in the south of France are definitely meant to be lived outdoors, and at the first hint of sunshine, the French flock to outdoor restaurants and cafés.

For my part, the good weather has me dreaming of trips past; namely spring weekends spent picnicking at Sanary-sur-Mer or early-morning drives to Cassis… to beat the crowds for a peaceful boat ride along the Calanques.


This is the start of the best time of year in Provence, hope spring is just as bright and full of life where you are!

4 thoughts on “Snapshots of Spring in Provence”

  1. Oh, I definitely agree that the weather can put me in a very bad mood! And our winter, and spring, has been cold and gray and rainy too. But spring is here! Finally. We went down to the beach for 3 days, with gorgeous weather there, and returned home to see leaves on the trees, my clematis had grown 12″, the tulips were all out etc etc. Loving every minute of it! Enjoy your “new” warm weather Tuula!


  2. Very happy to hear that spring is gaining a foothold on Provence as we will be back before too long. I look forward to a return visit to Cassis and to Sanary-sur-Mer for the first time. Have a great weekend.


  3. Thanks for these images of spring sunshine! It has been a long, cold winter here, as well (Minnesota, USA) and we are still awaiting the arrival of spring. 6 months of winter is just too long! I will just imagine myself sitting in the sunshine at a sidewalk cafe in France, and hope to survive for a few more weeks until spring comes here, too!


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