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Winter Postcards

Winter is the “slow” season in Provence… village life is quiet and tourists have left the beaches of the south in favor of ski slopes at points north. It can still be a beautiful time of year, and a chance to see local life up-close & personal.

After a busy holiday in the north, we spent a quiet Saturday afternoon in the village of Le Castellet. Although the main parking lot had a total of about 5 cars and the village streets were all but deserted, we found the central crêperie, Le Roy d’Ys, buzzing with activity.

Do you have a reservation? the hostess asked us in between bussing tables and balancing a plateful of steaming crêpes. She managed to squeeze us into a table for two, amid groups of families still bundled in scarves and winter bonnets. And the plat du jour on most tables? Not the ham & egg-laden crêpes that have become our go-to standard… but the potato, bacon, and cheese delight known as tartiflette. Thankfully, that’s one local winter tradition I can get behind.

Here are a few photos from our day and wishing everyone a très bonne année 2013.



3 thoughts on “Winter Postcards

  1. I can’t think of anything better to eat than a French made crepe filled with all things I love… Well maybe, French desserts (smile).

    Wishing you much joy for 2013. Looking forward to enjoying good food and travels with you virtually.



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