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Foto Friday… The Cézanne at Riederer Pâtisserie

These exquisite creations come from the pâtisserie Riederer in Aix-en-Provence. And if you think the photos look appealing, you should try a forkful of the creamy heaven known as the Cézanne.

I usually find it hard to pass up anything from the chocolate family, but ever since I tried this colorful marvel I’ve been hooked.  Let’s just take a gander at what’s in the Cézanne:

Sablé et biscuit moelleux aux amandes, pêches et abricots rôtis à la fleur de safran, crème soufflée aux calissons. 

(Almond biscuits, peaches and apricots roasted with saffron flower, calisson cream)

The Cézanne comes in petite or grande versions and although I have visions of stockpiling a large quantity in my freezer, I’m more than content to re-visit Riederer on trips to Aix.

We first became acquainted with Riederer with Kathy Ayer of Food Lover’s Odyssey, and I’m thrilled (cue the dance music) that Kathy will be visiting us again this weekend.  I’m not sure how much eating we can pack into a week, but I hope to have many more “sweet” posts from our travels.  Bon weekend les amis!

You can find Kathy’s article on Riederer and other Aix treats here.

Riederer in Aix-en-Provence, 2 locations:
67 Cours Mirabeau
Ph: 04 42 38 19 69


Salon de thé Riederer
57 Rue Espariat
Ph : 04 42 66 32 97



6 thoughts on “Foto Friday… The Cézanne at Riederer Pâtisserie

  1. Some how my cousins have failed to escort me to Riederer on our walk abouts in Aix en Provence. I will make a note to correct this oversight next time I am in Aix en Provence. Bon weekend.


  2. Definitely on the list of “to go to’s” Tuula – and such beautiful photos! You can never have too many wonderful patisseries on the list!


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