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Celebrating Bandol Wine AOC

One of the nice things about keeping up with social media is that every now and again you discover some really exciting events happening around Provence.The sites I like to consult frequently for Provençal comings & goings are Visit Var, Provence Verte, and Fantastic Provence. And this past year saw a much-needed addition to the tourism resources offered online: Route des Vins de Provence.

Not only does their site provide information about upcoming events in the wine biz, but they’ve also mapped wine routes around Provence – online and off. If you tour anywhere around the region, you’re bound to find their distinctive purple signs helping guide you from one sunny vineyard to the next. So popular are these wine beacons in fact, that on one visit to the Bandol estate of Bunan, our hostess confided that they were having a hard time keeping their signs “intact”. People kept stealing them. (!?)

And it’s thanks to Route des Vins de Provence that we found out about an event celebrating the region’s most famous appellation: Bandol.

As any grower will tell you (or any good wine guide online!), the production of Bandol wine stretches back centuries but the official qualification of AOC (Appellation d’origine contrôlée) under the French classification system is just reaching its 70th anniversaire.


This milestone will be celebrated by an exhibition of photos & historical documents which runs until December 31st – with a private showing, called a vernissage, taking place Wednesday, June 20th at the Oneothèque de Bandol.

For more information, or to daydream about taking your own wine tour of Provence, please visit the Route des Vins de Provence website.

Santé et a bientôt!


Oneothèque de Bandol

Place Lucien Artaud
83150 Bandol
Tel. : 04 94 29 45 03


About Tuula

I’m a 40-ish American woman & I’ve been blogging about my travels around belle Provence since moving here in 2010. You can also find my travel writing in International Living magazine, Charming Small Hotels (France), & Living France magazine. Bienvenue!

9 comments on “Celebrating Bandol Wine AOC

  1. A wine tour sounds absolutely wonderful, Tuula! 🙂 I hope to do an Aussie one some day soon. 🙂


  2. Thanks so much for sharing the web sites especially the web site for the Route des Vins de Provence. I will be following this going forward.


    • Anonymous

      Glad you found the web site useful Michel. The wine route one is great because although there are many fantastic vineyards, it’s hard to put a “tour” together without some help. Hope you’re having a bon weekend!


  3. Wine tours always sound so wonderful! I don’t really drink wine, but I know that my husband would love to do a tour and I would just follow along for the experience 🙂


    • Anonymous

      Hi Ashley,
      Too true, wine tours are nice if just for the scenery alone! Hope you’re have a great weekend 🙂


  4. Kit Golson

    Bonjour Tuula! I’m afraid I might be one of the ones to “borrow” the route des vins sign… it’s beautiful!!

    Hope you are enjoying your Provençal weekend!

    xo kit @ chic provence


    • Anonymous

      Bonjour Kit! Thanks for your comment and we are indeed having a very lovely weekend… lots of sun in Provence & summer is definitely just around the corner!

      Hope you’ll be returning soon and possibly having a go at one of this wine routes 🙂
      bon weekend to you! Tuula


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