The Colors of Le Castellet

Provence is a big region and although I feel like we cover a lot of ground in our travels, our life in the Var (department) is actually just a small part of it. But what a beautiful part it is.

After two years of living in this area, I find we’re constantly going back to the same towns and villages and walking a well-worn path with other locals and tourists. Le Castellet is one such village which no one seems to tire of – even if a speedy tour could take you across town in less than 15 minutes.


But no one goes to Le Castellet to just whip through and cross another destination off their Provence to-do list. This hilltop village is rich in what the French love, and do so well, ambiance. The stone houses are painted just “that” color of Provençal blue, the balconies and terraces overflow with wildflowers, and the sunlight squares are filled with café-goers and Rosé enthusiasts. Le Castellet is so typically Provençal in fact, that we’ve had a few of our guests ask… is this real?


And I knew exactly what they were talking about. For outsiders, perhaps especially Americans, the village is like someone took your best ideas of what an idyllic South of France town should look like and brought it to life. And it only gets better in the spring. 

Shabby Chic

Everything’s in bloom and it’s hard not to spend most of your day taking snapshots of every nook and blooming corner. But then that would be missing out all the fab “shabby chic” boutiques that line the village streets. And no matter how beautiful this place is, missing a shopping opportunity is definitely a major French faux pas.

Even if you don’t buy anything, there’s a lot of cozy inspiration, not to mention some mighty good-smelling lavender, in the furniture and textile shops. It’s also a great spot for “authentic” Provençal souvenirs… And then of course there’s always the option of wine-tasting at any of the vineyards dotting the hills below the village.

Not surprisingly, I think we’ll be back on our Le Castellet “tourist path” very, very soon.

9 thoughts on “The Colors of Le Castellet”

  1. Castellet is definitely one of my favorite villages in the area, and what you say is true: my husband and I are always going back there again and again when we want to take a walk and relax. And have ice cream.


    1. Hi Holly, this is great, thanks so much for your comment! We live in a pretty cool place don’t we? 🙂 Glad to see we have the same taste in villages…and I hope to have more time to visit them this summer!


  2. Another village to add to my list of beautiful villages to visit. I hope I get to two or three of them when I get back to Provence at the end of June. Thanks for sharing your pictures and your favorite villages.


    1. Thanks Michel and nice to hear you will be back in Provence at the end of the month. What a great time to visit and I’m sure you can’t wait – looking forward to your blog posts about your travels!


  3. We have been here so many time I’ve lost count. It is one of my family’s favorite places to visit and we always take our guest here. It has the most beautiful views and is so South of France that it takes your breathe away!


    1. I know Ashley, Le Castellet is wonderful…we’re very lucky to have it in our “backyard” so to speak 🙂 hope you’re having a great weekend!


  4. I would never be able to get enough of the charm….So delightful.

    I have only been to France twice and it takes a lifetime to discover.



    1. Thanks Velva! Hope you can come back to France one day soon… would love to see you here. And you’re right, there’s so much to discover!


  5. Hello there, I really wish I knew where to find the elderly couple who hosted you, that must have been a fantastic experience. The Castellet is one of the most beautiful villages in the area and always full of smiling visitors… hope you enjoy your travels with your son, sounds like a very memorable trip.


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