A Very French Christmas: Holiday Trees

Season’s greetings from a sun-filled, chilly South of France.  It’s been a busy week but also full of holiday cheer.  I know it’s a bit early, but I’m already full of the Christmas spirit. Blame it on our unseasonable golden rays, or maybe just the happiness of staying in France for Christmas, but it feels like there’s a lot to celebrate this year.


And given the fact that our city seems to be equally full of Christmas joy, I thought I would do a blog series on images of the holiday season in France.

silver treeYou wouldn’t know from seeing some of the ornate chalets at the Christmas markets in Paris, but holiday decorations are a more subdued affair than in the United States.  Sure, there are ways to go over the top (I’m still adding glittering orbs to our tree at home after all) but, generally speaking, tree-trimming in France is quite a simple affair.

These photos were taken today in the center of our town and I hope to capture more of the Christmas spirit, and traditions from the South of France, in the coming weeks. Until then, bon weekend mis amis et à très bientôt !




8 thoughts on “A Very French Christmas: Holiday Trees”

  1. Lovely pics!
    A couple of years ago, we spent Christmas at our home in Sablet. It was delightful to find a simply decorated Christmas tree, and a big stack of logs by the fireplace when we arrived. Our very kind onsite manager had prepared it for us. Christmas is such a great time in Provence – really looking forward to your series of pics.


    1. Merci Marianne…and I totally agree. There is something undeniably comforting about a Provençal Christmas. I imagine you had a wonderful time that year…just picturing the village celebrations, not to mention just enjoying the fireplace and your lovely tree – so cozy!


  2. Oh how lovely, Tuula! 🙂 We’re actually having a cool day here in Australia so it feels more Christmasy. 🙂 I love these beautiful trees so much. 🙂


    1. Too true about Australia Krista, I had totally forgot about the reverse seasons – bet the weather is gorgeous this time of year, hope you are enjoying it!


  3. We were in France for the holidays last year and I was surprised when we arrived to find how minimal decorations were throughout the village. That’s not the case at our house here in California; I got home from a trip to LA last Thursday night and discovered that Shirley had installed two big trees in the house and decorations throughout.


    1. Yes, the decorations are much more subdued than in the US – but thankfully not as much as in Italy (which I found very surprising). I think this is the year that I finally start a Provençal crèche… really excited about it and that should add a lot to the holiday spirit. I’ll bet your Christmas trees at home look beautiful Michel!


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