Foto Friday… Colors of Vieux Nice

Happy Friday dear readers.  We’ve got a day off today in remembrance of Armistice Day, and it just so happens to be the birthday of one near & dear husband, so we’re off to a long-anticipated lunch at Le Caribou restaurant in Marseille.

Specialites Nicoises
Scenes from the back-streets of Vieux Nice.

Let’s just say I was cautioned not to eat for a day or two  (très impossible, of course) in preparation for our Le Caribou outing.  Rumor has it their “buffet-style” menu promises to leave us elbow-deep in fish platters & white wine.  It’s shaping up to be a pretty fantastique day indeed.

Flower market
Bright bouquets from the flower market.

After recovering from about 2 solid weeks of rainstorms, the only thing we’re missing today is a spat of Southern sunshine.

I’m hoping a few of these colorful photos from Vieux Nice will add a bit of brightness to our day & yours.  What a gorgeous area, and what a vibrant city.  I’ll be reporting back soon from another “Vieux” part of an equally interesting city – the Vieux Port of Marseille.  More photos and “fish tales” to come…

Vieux Nice
Sunlit buildings near Fenocchio Glacier.

Bon weekend a tous!

12 thoughts on “Foto Friday… Colors of Vieux Nice”

  1. Your pictures of Vieux Nice makes me want to go. We have only done drive bys of Nice and need to go and spend some time there. I look forward to reading about and seeing pictures of your visit to Marseille and Le Caribou. Have a great weekend.


    1. Thanks Michel and I would really recommend a stop in Nice! I didn’t know what to make of the city on my first visit, so much to see & do and with a really interesting cultural mix. After a few visits, I can’t wait to go back – especially to Vieux Nice, our favorite part of the city! Hope you have a great weekend as well 🙂


  2. What a great way to start the weekend – with such beautiful colorful pics – especially on a dreary, sometimes wet day here in Northern California! Happy Birthday to your husband and happy weekend to you both.


    1. Very kind of you, Marianne, thanks for your comment and b-day wishes! It was nice to start our day off with a bit of color as well – it’s been a bit dreary here with the rain. Well, we had a really great meal in Marseille so that did a lot to perk up the birthday mood 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!


  3. Nick is a spoiled husband, and You are a great wife. May you two have a magnificent day today celebrating his birthday. The pictures are truly captivating!


    1. Kenya, you are too kind my dear! Really, I think I am the one who is spoiled, lol… We’re thinking of you here & miss you (as always!). Hope you have a great weekend as bella & can’t wait to see you again (I hope very soon!). xo xo


  4. Tuula, what a beautiful assortment of photos…you never fail to charm. Happy birthday to your mate (mine will see another candle on his cake tomorrow) and thanks for sharing.


    1. Hi Dali, thanks for your kind words 🙂 We had a fun day… even if we ate way too much! Happy Birthday to your mate as well, always a great excuse to treat each other… enjoy & was nice to find your comment! Tuula


    1. Thanks Kathy, it’s a really great area! Plus lots of great foodie hot spots – wish we lived closer and I would go all the time 🙂 Love Nice!


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