Market Day in Brignoles

Known as the capital of Provence Verte (Green Provence), the sizable town of Brignoles makes an excellent starting point for day trips around the interior of the Var region.

flowers in the sunWe were lucky enough to stumble-upon Brignoles’ large (biggest I’ve experienced) Provençal market one sunny Saturday in July. And talk about a lively place.  If you don’t get drawn-in by the chatty salami-sellers, you just might fancy sampling a few of the local products on sale along the sprawling marche.

There’s also a covered area with food stalls where you can pick-up roasted chickens or plates of paella for a quick lunch-on-the-go.  Although we found the pretty town square a better choice for a lazy, afternoon nosh.sausageThe market boasts an interesting selection of Provençal products; including some potent liqueurs and some “brews” that seemed downright particular to Provence Verte (ie. beware of locals baring gifts…or vats of fig wine). Bon shopping!


Town-center of Brignoles, Place Caramy 83170 (on the map).


Wednesday and Saturday from 08:00 to 12:00.


Foodstuffs from Provence (olive oil, honey, cured meats, liqueurs), fruits & vegetables, Italian products, & clothing.  Also a sizable flower market on Saturday mornings.

Special Interest:

Villages to visit near Brignoles:  Correns (1st organic village in France), Barjols (the “Tivoli” of Provence), or tour the famous Abbey at nearby Thoronet.  Don’t forget to check-out a few wine estates in the area –  including Domaine des Annibals , bronze & gold award recipients for their rosé & white wines at Concours Général Agricole de Paris 2011 and Concours des Grands Vins de Macon 2010.

9 thoughts on “Market Day in Brignoles”

    1. It is nice to find a bit of variety at these markets – especially appreciate seeing the Italian products which are harder to come by.


    1. True Sam…they sure had a few different spirits from our normal market fare. Actually, fig liqueur is quite good…equally, we have a bottle of fig “aperitivo” for pre-dinner drinks. Packs a punch 🙂


    1. For sure Tanya…If I remember well they had a pretty good deal, something like 5 (small) sausages for 10 or 12 euros – really love the ones with nuts! The one we got flavored with herbes de Provence was not as good as I hoped – but great idea though! Love those herbes 🙂


    1. That is one huge provolone…not sure even the biggest cheese-lover could tackle that one – … thanks for your comment Kenya 🙂


  1. Me too! It’s especially nice to be at the markets in the summer when the sunshine is out – really quite one of the best things about Provence…well, and France! Thanks for your comment Velva 🙂


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